By The Numbers
Walthers Freight Car Timeline
1400 Series Stoughton 45/102 Trailer
1450 series Stoughton 53' Van Trailers
1600 series 32' Van Trailer
1650 series 40' Trailer
1900 Series Stoughton 48' Semi Trailer
2000 series 40' Double Sheathed Wood Box Car with Dreadnaught Ends
2050 series X-29 Box Car
2100 Series 40' Single Sheathed Box Car w/Dreadnaught Steel Ends
2120 series 40' Wood Box Car w/Grain Doors
2150 series 40' Single Sheathed Box Car with Double Sheathed Ends
2200 series 40' Double Sheathed Wood Box Car with Wood Ends
2250 series 40' Double Sheathed Wood Box Car with ARA Steel Ends
2300 series 40' Wood Reefer
2400 series 1910-25 40' Wood Reefer w/Wood Ends
2500 series 40' All-Steel Reefer
2550 series General American Meat Reefers
2570 series 40' Steel Meat Reefers
2600 series 42' Flat Car
2900 series 42' Bulkhead Flat Car
2650 series 40' Single Sheathed Box Car with Braced Ends
2700 series 40' Double Sheathed Box Car -Early w/Braced Ends
2750 series Stock Car with Steel Ends
2800 series Stock Car with Wood Ends
2950 series 36' 50-ton Offset Side Hopper
3000 series 36' 50-ton Ribbed Side Hopper
3050 series 36' Wood Chip Hopper
3100 series 40' ARA Steel Box Car w/Wood Roofwalk
3200 series 40' Plug Door Box Car
3250 series 65' Mill Gondola
3300 series 40' Plug Door Reefer
3350 series Stock Car with Slatted Open Ends
3450 series 50' North American RBL Smoothside Box Car
3500 series 40' AAR Steel Box Car
3600 series 50' North American Plug Door EP Box Car
3650 series 50' Airslide Covered Hopper
3700 series 40' PS-1 Box Car
3750 series GSC Commonwealth 53'-6" Flat Car
3800 series 40' Gondola
3851 series 50' Cushion Coil Cars
3899 series 55' Cushion Coil Cars w/Round Hoods
3930 series 5-Unit All-Purpose Spine Car
3950 series 75' Piggyback Flat Car
3980 series Front Runner
4000 series 45' Logging Flat Car w/Logs
4100 series 72' Centerbeam Flat Car
4200 series Ballast Hopper
4350 series Bay Window Caboose
4600 series 39' Single-Bay Airslide Covered Hopper
4653 series Dynamometer Car
4680 series 84' Paired Airslide Hoppers
4700 series Waffle Side Box Car
4750 series RBL Insulated 50' Box Car
4800 series 89' Enclosed Auto Carrier
4850 series 89-foot Tri-Level Enclosed Auto Carrier
4900 series 100-Ton Quad Hopper
4950 series 89' Channel-Side Flat Car
5000 series 10,000 Gallon Steam/Diesel Tank Car
5100 series 30' Funnel-Flow Tank Car
5150 series 40' Funnel-Flow Tank Car
5200 series 54' Funnel-Flow Tank Car
5250 series 65' Propane Tank Car
5257 series 65' Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Car
5300 series Bethgon Coalporter Gondola
5350 series Jordan Spreader
5400 series 37' Cement Covered Hopper
5450 series Cryogenic Refrigerated Box Car
5630 series 81' Depressed Center Four-Truck Flat Car
5650 series Scale Test Car
5700 series PS-2 Center Discharge Hopper
5849 series PD Covered Hopper
5850 series 50' Single-Sheathed Double-Door Box Car
5900 series Thrall 53-foot Gondola
6040 series Gunderson 60-foot Box Car
7000 series Thrall All-Door Box Car
7050 series 40' Ortner 100-Ton Open Aggregate Hopper
7100 series Gunderson 50' High-Cube Paper Service Box Car
7150 series 64' Plastic Pellet Hopper
7270 series 23,000 Gallon Tank Car
7450 series 46' USRA Steel Gondola
7660 Series Milwaukee Rib-Side Caboose
7880 series Depressed Center Flat Car
7930 series Fruit Growers Express 50' Mechanical Reefer
9146 series 40' Scrap Gondola
Tim McCoy Wild West Show
The Great Circus Train
53' Single-Unit Well Car
50' Pulpwood Car
Trinity RD4 Coal Hoppers
Greenville Wood Chip Hoppers
Difco Car
Five-Unit Articulated Well Flats
40' Reefer Six-Packs
55' Cushion Coil Car
86' Four-Door Hi-Cube Box Car
60' Double-Door Auto Parts Box Car
P-S 60' Single-Door Auto Parts Box Car
7600 Series SP C-30-1 Wood Caboose
100000 Series Trinity 14K Molten Sulfur Tank Car
910-4900 Series Well Car
5750 Series Russell Snow Plow
Site Notes

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7009 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27009 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Ashley, Drew & Northern
No.932-7010 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27010 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Bennett Lumber (blue)
No.932-7022 Single Car -2004 Release
No.932-27022 2 Packs -2004 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Boise Cascade
No.932-7003 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27003 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
British Columbia Forest Products
No.932-7042 Single Car BCFX #802 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
British Columbia Railway
No.932-7021 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27021 Two-Pack -2002 Release
No.932-7038 Single Car BCIT #800111 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Brooks Scanlon
No.932-7011 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27011 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7007 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27007 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Canfor Ltd. (yellow, orange)
No.932-7023 Single Car -2004 Release
No.932-27023 2 Packs -2004 Release
No.932-7045 Single Car TCAX #20256 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7028 Single Car CFPX #4627 -2006 Release
No.932-27028 2 Packs CFPX #/# -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7016 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27016 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7032 Single Car -2006 Release
No.932-27032 2 Packs -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Delaware & Hudson (Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley)
No.932-7020 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27020 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7029 Single Car FURX #504851 -2006 Release
No.932-27029 2 Packs FURX #504812/#504865 -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7008 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27008 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Green Bay & Western
No.932-7017 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27017 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Idaho Forest Industries
No.932-7005 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27005 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Illinois Central Gulf
No.932-7018 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27018 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7026 Single Car LUNX #80007 -2006 Release
No.932-27026 2 Packs LUNX #80014/#80029 -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Lignum (orange scheme)
No.932-7035 Single Car LUNX #80012 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Lousiana Pacific -USLX (cream)
No.932-7025 Single Car -2004 Release
No.932-27025 2 Packs -2004 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Masonite Corporation
No.932-7006 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27006 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7015 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27015 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7034 Single Car -2006 Release
No.932-27034 2 Packs -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern
No.932-7012 Single Car -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Netherlands Overseas
No.932-7027 Single Car LUNX #4959 -2006 Release
No.932-27027 2 Packs LUNX #4912/# -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Plum Creek Lumber
No.932-7039 Single Car HTCX #317 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7014 Single Car -2002 Release 
No.932-27014 Two-Pack -2002 Release
No.932-7047 D&NE #112 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Rayonier Canada (A&P)
No.932-7013 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27013 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Seaboard Coast Line
No.932-7019 Single Car -2002 Release
No.932-27019 Two-Pack -2002 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Spokane Moulding
No.932-7031 Single Car -2006 Release
No.932-27031 2 Packs -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
St. Regis Paper
No.932-7004 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27004 Two-Pack -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
St. Regis
No.932-7033 Single Car -2006 Release
No.932-27033 2 Packs -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Thrall Demonstrator
No.932-7030 Single Car TCAX #20306 -2006 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
Triangle Pacific (red)
No.932-7024 Single Car -2004 Release
No.932-27024 2 Packs -2004 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
U.S. Plywood
No.932-7002 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27002 -2000 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7001 Single Car -2000 Release
No.932-27001 Two-Pack -2000 Release
No.932-7046 Single Car LUNX #4482 -2009 Release

56' Thrall All-Door Box Car
No.932-7000 Single Car -2000 Release

Walthers' 2000 HO Reference Book is the first to feature the 56' Thrall  All-Door Box Car model.  The original 2000 release included eight roadnames (Boise Cascade, Canfor, Georgia-Pacific, Idaho Forest Industries, Masonite Corporation, St. Regis Paper, US Plywood, Weyerhaeuser) and Undecorated.  Single ready to run cars first sold for $15.98 in 2000; Two-packs featuring different roadnumbers were $29.98.  This provided the possibility of three roadnumbers per roadname, if one purchased the single and two-pack offerings.
The 2002 Walthers HO Reference Book included the original eight roadnames, plus added thirteen new roadnames (Armstrong, Ashley Drew & Northern, Brooks Scanlon, Minneapolis Northfield & Southern, Rayonier Canada, Potlatch, McMillan-Bloedel, Chandler, Green Bay & Western, Illinois Central Gulf, Seaboard Coast Line, D&H, and British Columbia Railway).  This 2002 listing shows the single car retail at $17.98 and $37.98 for two-packs.
Walthers offered a set of four (Spokane Moulding; Chandler; St. Regis; and McMillan-Bloedell) roadnames in a Spring 2006 release of the 56' Thall All-Door Box Car.  The cars were Gold Line releases with a single car retail of $21.98 and a Limited Run 2-Pack selling for $39.98.
The latest release of the Walthers Thrall All-Door is scheduled to delivery in late 2009.  Seven roadnames are in the group that retails for $27.98 each.  Single car releases only in this 2009 offering with three new paint schemes (Lignum -orange, British Columbia Forest Products, and Plum Creek Lumber); the other four roadnames (BC Rail, Canfor, Weyerhaeuser, and Potlatch) feature new roadnumber on previously issued paints.

Above is a 1969 ad that ran in "Modern Railroads" magazine from Thrall for the then-new All-Door Box Car.

1975 brought the first ready to run HO-scale example of the Thrall All-Door Box Car.  The model was offered by Life-Like.  You will find more information regarding this car, by clicking on the image above and visiting the Life-Like HO-Scale Trains Resource.

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