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AHM 1979 Seasons Greetings Box Car

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Christmas 1979
No. 5582-10
The box end flap calls this model a 50ft. Plug Door Box.  It is the same as the car labeled a 51ft. example.

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50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Dixie Line - Louisville & Nashville
No. 5582-03

50ft. Plug Door Box Car

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Iowa Beef
No. 12021

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
No. 12021

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Tony The Tiger
No. 5487
No. 5467-B
AHM included the above Kellogg's Tony The Tiger 50ft. Plug Door Box Car in promotional train sets.  Note that this example includes a red roofline, below is another AHM Kellogg's Tony The Tiger car with a blue roof.  The car's tooling also differs from the blue roof example.  See notes on AHM's 50' Plug Doors presented below.

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Tony The Tiger
No. 5581-04

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
McCloud River
No. 5282-04
No. 5486-01


50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Middletown & New Jersey 
No. 5582-05
No. 12023


50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Montana, Dakota & Western
No. 12022

AHM 51ft. Plug Door Box Car

50ft. Plug Door Box Car
Providence & Worcester
No. 12024

50ft. Plug Door Box Car

The 50-foot Plug Door Box Car is a common car type found in many HO-scale train lines. Reviewing the examples AHM offered over the years shows variations.

A group of releases from 1979-1980 show AHM example's tooling is the same as one found in some Bachmann releases. AHM's 1979 Christmas Car and the cars carrying the 12000-series numbering all feature squared stirrup steps and other details that mirror examples found in Bachmann's releases. The mentioned holiday car and the 12000-series cars were made in Taiwan for AHM by what I believe was a Kader plant that operated in that country until the late 1980s.

AHM's promotional Hood, Keebler, red roof Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, and Woolworth cars all share a similar design. These cars are Austrian made by Roco from what I've discovered. Note however a variation, the red roof Kellogg's Frosted Flakes has no slots in the shell along the sill for the underframe to snap in place. Though a very common car in many lines, I do not know of a general release for the Austrian-made 50-foot Plug Door in AHM's line. The car was only found in promotional sets. I have seen a blue Chessie System example of this car, but it was a Charmerz release. I don't know of any railroad roadnames issued under AHM's name for the Austrian 50-foot Plug.