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Center Flow Hopper
No. 5395-B -1969 Release

Center Flow Hopper
ACF Cannonade 
No. 12363

Center Flow Hopper
Baltimore & Ohio 
No. 5395-E -1969 Release

Center Flow Hopper
No. 5395-F
No. 5395-06

Center Flow Hopper
Canadian Club
No. 5395-K

Center Flow Hopper
Canadian Pacific
No. 5395-G

Center Flow Hopper
Illinois Central
No. 5395-H

Center Flow Hopper
No. 5395-17

Center Flow Hopper
Lehigh Valley
No. 5395-I

AHM Center Flow

Center Flow Hopper
Lipton Tea
No. 5395-L
No. 5395-12

AHM 56ft. Center Flow Hopper Niagara

Center Flow Hopper
Niagara Strach
No. 5395-M
No. 12361

Center Flow Hopper
Old Dutch Cleanser
No. 5395-16
No. 12362

Center Flow Hopper
Penn Central 
No. 5395-F -1969 Release
No. 5395-D

AHM Center Flow Hopper

Center Flow Hopper
No. 5395-C -1969 Release

Center Flow Hopper
Rio Grande 
No. 5395-C

Center Flow Hopper
Santa Fe 
No. 5395-F -1969 Release

Center Flow Hopper
No. 5395-14
The orange car with the large Shell emblem on it was offered by both AHM and Bachmann during the early '70s.  The orange AHM Shell car would carry stock number 5395-14.  Also found in both the AHM and Bachmann lines is the second Shell example painted yellow. 

Center Flow Hopper
No. 12364

Center Flow Hopper
Western Maryland
No. 5395-E

Center Flow Hopper
Wonder Bread
No. 5395-J

Center Flow Hopper
W.R. Grace
No. 5395-E

This tooling for the 54-foot ACF Center Flow Hopper originates with Kader in Taiwan for the AHM line. AHM first catalogs this offering in 1969. The car also surfaces in the early 1970s in the Life-Like line and the Bachmann line.

Origin marks found on the underframe of an Old Dutch Cleasner example show the AHM name presented boxed, plus Made in Taiwan. This car strongly favors the tooling and in some cases even the paint schemes of the Bachmann model.