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AHM Outside Braced Gondola

50-foot Outside Braced Gondola
Milwaukee Road
No. 5299E -1971 Release

AHM Outside Braced Gondola

AHM Outside Braced Gondola

50-foot Outside Braced Gondola
Ohio Seamless Tube
No. 5299B -1971 Release

50' Outside Braced Gondola
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
No. 5299-D -1971 Release

50' Outside Braced Gondola
Rock Island
No. 5299-F -1971 Release

AHM Outside Braced Gondola

50-foot Outside Braced Gondola
Santa Fe
No. 5299C -1971 Release

The AHM HO-Scale 50' Outside Braced Gondola arrives in the product line in early 1971.  The model is likely designed or inspired by the war-emergency practice of utilizing wood slats in place of steel during the WWII period.  Many examples of these war-emergency cars would be rebuilt with steel panels following the war, thus dropping the interesting makeshift design appearance of steel bracing holding wood panels.
Original roadnames included Ohio Seamless Tube; Santa Fe; Milwaukee Road; P≤ and Rock Island.  The early AHM ads for the model displayed a C&EI example, which was not among the initial roadnames.  The model retailed for $2.49 back in 1971. 
The model has also found in Model Power's product line and was also present in the IHC-Hobby line. 
My example is a Roco Austria import by AHM.  I believe later examples exist produced by Mehano in Yugoslavia.

If you're looking to make the AHM offering a prototypical piece of rolling stock, it is possible. Check out Rail Model Journal's October 1994 article, Kit Converstion: 50-foot EJ&E Gondola from AHM's HO Scale Model available online at theTrainLife website. John Nehrich's article includes some prototypical analysis of the AHM tooling, inlcuding mention that the car's 50-foot length is too short for accuracy.

AHM Outside
                           Braced Gondola

AHM Outside Braced

AHM Outside Braced Gondola

AHM Outside
                                             Braced Gondola