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Box Car -40ft. 5241-series
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Box Car -40ft Metal 5238
Box Car -40ft PS-1
Box Car -40ft Rivarossi 5279
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40' PS-1 Box Car
Atlanta & West Point 
No. 5234

40' PS-1 Box Car
Atlantic & Danville
No. 5237

AHM HO-Scale Trains Resource

40' PS-1 Box Car
Alton & Southern
No. 5236

40' PS-1 Box Car
Bangor & Aroostook
No. 5226


40' PS-1 Box Car
Boston & Maine 
No. 5233

40' PS-1 Box Car
Central of Georgia
No. 5220

40' PS-1 Box Car
Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 5486-C -1972 Release

40' PS-1 Box Car
Delaware & Hudson 
No. 5230
The D&H example is the debut model from AHM for this 40ft. box car and it dates to late 1961.

40' PS-1 Box Car
Erie Lackawanna 

40' PS-1 Box Car
Florida East Coast
No. 5223

40' PS-1 Box Car
Great Northern (box car red)
No. 5225

40' PS-1 Box Car
Great Northern (green)
No. 5225

40' PS-1 Box Car
Green Bay & Western
No. 5222

40ft. Box Car Illinois Central

40' PS-1 Box Car
Illinois Central
-1972 Release

40' PS-1 Box Car
Louisville & Nashville
No. 5224

40' PS-1 Box Car
No. 5486-E -1972 Release

40' PS-1 Box Car
Pittsburgh & West Virginia
No. 5221

40' PS-1 Box Car
No. 5486-B -1972 Release

40' PS-1 Box Car
Santa Fe 
No. 5231

40' PS-1 Box Car
Santa Fe
No. 5486-F -1972 Release

40' PS-1 Box Car
Toledo, Peoria & Western
No. 5228

AHM HO-Scale Trains Resource

40' PS-1 Box Car
West India Fruit
No. 5235

40' PS-1 Box Car
Western Maryland
No. 5229
No. 5486-G -1972 Release

Produced by Roco in Austria, this AHM offering is one of a variety of styles produced and sold as a "40ft. Box Car" or more simply as "Box Car" in AHM catalogs. The car carries a $1.98 retail in a late 1960s catalog and $2.98 retail in a 1977 price listing.

A new product review of the AHM PS-1 Box Car is included in the Trade Topics section of the May 1962 issue of Model Railroader. The review states, "the underbody is unusually well detailed with complete brake rigging and simulated floor planking with wood grain."

This car debuts with only the Delaware & Hudson roadname and is pictured below in an ad found in a December 1961 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.
The 1972 release of the car included revised tooling that featured black plastic separately applied ladders and roofwalk. The door is also noted as being different, according to a release announcement in the October 1972 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. The 1972 roadnames inlcuded: Reading, C&O, CB&Q, Milwaukee, ATSF, WM and IC. The retail was $2.98 in 1972.

Con-Cor obtains the tooling for the former AHM 40' PS-1 Box Car in the late 1980s.  Above is an ad for the Con-Cor 40' PS-1 from 1989.  You may click on the image to open a larger version for best viewing.