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Freight Unloading Depot

Listed as NEW! in TYCO's 1970-71 catalog is stock number 931, Remote Control Freight Unloading Depot for $8 retail.  Though it is basically the same original item, the newness is its appearance, the Flat Car's load, and the fact that it is now wired to the power pack for operation.  The flat car show in 1970's catalog is a red Great Northern 40' Skid Flat Car.  By 1973, the set is shown with a green Western Maryland 40' Skid Flat Car.  The set's retail goes to $9 for 1974; $10 for 1975; $11 for 1976 and 1977 (the last year TYCO includes retail prices in catalogs).  The 1982 TYCO catalog is the last appearance for this accessory.

The original TYCO Freight Unloading Depot from the 1960s

See TYCO's Freight Unloading Depot In Action...

The origins of the TYCO Freight Unloading Depot date back to 1963.  First viewed in TYCO's 1963-64 product catalog was a Freight Handling Depot with Operating Tractor (No.876).  Though it is similar in appearance to the later Freight Unloading Depot, this original item was battery powered.  Examples seen for this early version have been found to be on a large card-blister package and not boxed as most TYCO accessories.  The tooling for the base, depot and tractor appear to have never been altered over the years.  The early '60s examples are cast in various colors, but it appears that no paint detailing was applied to this item until the 1970s.  The original example is sold for $9.98 in the 1963-64 catalog, less batteries it is noted.  It should also be noted that the Skid Flat Car with Pipe Load is much different than the 1970s example.  The three large round cement gray colored culvert pipe sections are not what is found in the '60s set.  Originally, the set includes three long narrow straw-like pipe sections that do not survive into TYCO's Brown Box 1970s Era offerings.
The first change in this accessory is found in TYCO's 1966-67 catalog, again during the Red Box Era.  Though the item appears to be exactly as it was before, in '66 TYCO changes the stock number to T893 and later simply 893 from the first 876 number.  The retail drops from $9.98 down to $6.98, beginning in 1966.  The set formerly stated that it did include a Skid Flat Car w/Pipe Load and this statement is absent from the 1966 catalog.  Perhaps the lower retail relects the missing piece of rolling stock.