Steam Whistle in Billboard

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Steam Whistle in Billboard

TYCO Steam Whistle in Billboard

Steam Whistle in Billboard
This TYCO accessory was first cataloged in the 1975-76 edition and was part of the original Chattanooga Choo-Choo train set (No.7331).  The billboard is cast in a dark green and includes a pair of cardstock advertising inserts.  Maxwell House Coffee, which is also found on TYCO's Center Flow Hopper and a 50' Box Car offering, is one of the billboards.  The other features the Pay Day Candy Bar.  The package features the Maxwell House Coffee side prominently and many may not be aware of the Pay Day Candy Bar side. 

The Maxwell House Coffee side of TYCO's Steam Whistle in Billboard.
The Pay Day Candy Bar side of TYCO's Steam Whistle in Billboard.

The steam whistle function is housed inside the billboard base and controlled by a TYCO Prestomatic button controller.  The controller is wired to the billboard base and then in turn is wired to the A/C accessory port of a power pack.  The Steam Whistle in Billboard retailed for $7.00 when introduced in 1975.  TYCO's 1982 is the last appearance for the original example Steam Whistle in Billboard.  In '82, this accessory is found among the Action Cars and Accessories section for a final time. 
Below is a bilingual package for this TYCO item featuring French and English text.  Most likely this was produced for the Canadian market.

See TYCO's Steam Whistle in Billboard in action...

Seen above, the Steam Whistle in Billboard does make a comeback in the early '90s.  Packaged as part of the final version of TYCO's Chattanooga train set (No.7425).  The catalog image suggests that this late example may feature only a single-sided billboard.  The Maxwell House Coffee advertising billboard is different from the one of the '70s.