Piggyback Loader/Unloader

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Piggyback Loader/Unloader

Piggyback Flat Car Set

Piggyback Loader/Unloader Set -Santa Fe

Introduced in the 1972-73 catalog, the Piggyback Loader & Loader(No.933) set featured a four-way remote control fork lift that moves up/down and forwards/backwards. The set included the control unit, base with building and fork lift, plus a 50' Flat Car with two Piggybacks and truck cab.

The set is offered with Santa Fe piggybacks from 1972-1977. Retail for the set in the 1972-73 catalog is $10; its last appearance in 1977 has it going for $15.

Unloading Mail Car Sticker Sheet

Piggyback Loader & Unloader Set
-Burlington Northern
(1978 and 1979)

For 1978, the Piggyback Loader & Unloader(No.927) set trades Santa Fe trailers for BN-Burlington Northern. The 50' Flat Car remains the same green Santa Fe car from the previous sets. The Tractor-Trailer-Truck also is switched to the more modern version from what was offered in the previous set.

The BN version of the Piggyback Loader & Unloader Set has only two catalog appearances, 1978 and 1979.