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Unloading Mail Car Set Box

Unloading Mail Car Set

Introduced in 1980 the Unloading Mail Car Set (No.920), is a favorite among TYCO collectors and generally brings a solid price at swap meets and on online auctions.

Part of the Action Cars & Accessories series, this set is a close relative to the Unloading Box Car Set (No.930). The box car used for the U.S. Mail car is the same one found in CB&Q-Burlington Route in the No.930 set. The base includes the crate area on one side and the post office occupies the other side.

This was among TYCO's last Action Accessories product offerings to be designed with the need for electricity for operation. The green box with red button controls the action and must wired to a power pack's Accessory terminal for this set to function.

This set debuts in the 1980 catalog, then misses the 1981 catalog, and returns a final time for the 1982 catalog.

Unloading Mail Car Sticker Sheet

Though neither mentioned nor pictured on the package, this set would produce your choice of a United States Post Office or a Canadian Post Office. Above is a view of the sticker sheet provided with the Unloading Mail Car Set.