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Piggyback Flat Car Set

Piggyback Flat Car Set -Santa Fe

Introduced in the 1968-69 catalog, the Piggyback Flat Car Set featured a 50' Flat Car with two trailers and the truck terminal base and a truck cab.

The set shown originally has different markings for its Santa Fe piggybacks. By 1970-71's catalog, TYCO was displaying the set shown above. The 1970-71 catalog shows the set at $5.00. It was $4.98 in the 1968-69 listing. This set is found separately and was included in train sets on many occasions. The 1977 catalog has the set in Santa Fe with the item number-348 for a final time with a retail of $6.00.

TYCO Santa Fe Truck Cab and Trailer

Truck Cab and Trailer Set
(Santa Fe)
Found as a separate item in early 1970s TYCO catalogs is the Truck Cab and Trailer Set.  The example seen above features TYCO's original now older sytle Truck Cab.  As a separately available item the Truck Cab and Trailer Set disappears from catalogs by the mid-'70s, however boxed examples with either the Truck Cab seen above or the newer model and a Trailer remain in many train sets and even turn up in the Bubble Yum promotional train set in the 1980s.

Unloading Mail Car Sticker Sheet

Piggyback Flat Car Set -Burlington Northern

For 1978, the Piggyback Flat Car Set trades Santa Fe trailers for BN-Burlington Northern. The 50' Flat Car remains the same green Santa Fe car from the previous sets. The Truck Cab also is switched to the more modern version from what was offered in the previous set. The 1982 catalog is the last appearance for the BN version of the Piggyback Flat Car Set.