Log Loader with Log Car

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Log Loader with Log Car

TYCO Log Loader with Log Car No.914

Log Loader with Log Car

A new addition to TYCO's Action Cars & Accessories for 1980 was the Log Loader with Log Car (No.914).  The Log Loader is a non-electrical accessory that included a plastic base with a yellow Tractor that pushed logs by remote control across the platform base and into the 40' Gondola packaged with the set.  The freight car was a yellow Pine Hill Logging Company lettering 40' Gondola.  The Log Loader set also featured the plunger button controller with black tube connection to the platform base and three logs.  The 1980 TYCO catalog includes the Log Loader as a separate item and it is also featured in that year's Big Logger train set (No.7316).  The Big Logger train set returns complete with this accessory again in 1981.  TYCO last features the Log Loader among its Action Cars & Accessories in the 1986 product catalog.
TYCO's US-1 Trucking product line includes a similar, though not the same, accessory in the Operating Log Loader Bulldozer (No.3415).  This item is first cataloged with the US-1 Trucking introduction in 1981.