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Chug-Chug Sound In Box Car

Chug-Chug Sound in Box Car

Chug-Chug Sound In Box Car

First found in the 1978 catalog, the Chug-Chug Sound in Box Car was available as a separate accessory item with stock number 902. It was also included in train sets, including 'Chattanooga Choo-Choo'(No.7332).

The Box Car is TYCO's 40' Hi-Cube Box Car with a frame that includes its two-trucks, plus a circular wheel that contains small rocks. Basically, you have a hidden rock tumbler inside a Hi-Cube Box Car. As the car moves, the rocks move and create a sound that with a bit of imagination simulates a steam engine.

This item was featured in catalogs dressed only in the Baby Ruth scheme. It was also available in the final Chattanooga train sets around 1990 in the Ralston Purina checkerboard scheme. Both paint jobs are the same as those found on TYCO's 40' Reefers done for Baby Ruth and Ralston Purina.

The Chug-Chug Sound in Box Car accessory enjoys a run in catalogs from 1978 through 1981. In 1982, the No.957 Electronic Sound of Steam in 50' Box Car appears and the Chug-Chug Box Car is not found again among TYCO's product line as a separate Action Accessory item.

TYCO Ralston Purina Chug-Chug Box Car