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Unloading Box Car

Introduced in the 1970-71 catalog, the Unloading Box Car Set (No.930) remained in TYCO's product line through the 1980 catalog listings. Though absent from the last dozen or so years of TYCO's train line, this set is fairly easily obtained at swap meets and on online auctions.

A member of the Action Cars & Accessories series, this set consisted of a 40' box car that was specially modified with a hatch on its roof to accept small plastic crates. Inside the car was a sloped section that the crates rested in until the unloading was performed. Two figures are located in the box car's doorway and slide back and forth causing the crates to drop one at a time and fire out the door of the car. The car functions via electricity from the accessories side of the power pack. The car was fitted with a box containing two prongs on one side of the model just below the door. When the car is over the unloading area the prongs are making contact with a panel that is hooked up to electricity. As the button is depressed, the unloading function begins.

The box car in this set was only offered in CB&Q-Burlington Route's Chinese Red paint scheme. For such a neat accessory, it is a shame that TYCO never offered multiple road names for this special car.

This set in a modified form sold as the No.920 Unloading Mail Car Set for a few years in the early 1980s.

Unloading Box Car 1970-71 First Appearance

Billed as Remote Control Unloading Box Car in the 1970-71 catalog, this original picture shows a different set than what is commonly found. Notice the loading dock that the crates are shown unloading onto is the Piggyback Flat Car Set's Truck Terminal. I have never seen the Unloading Box Car with this dock and one must assume that it is simply another of TYCO's catalog pre-production pictures that doesn't reflect what ultimately arrived in stores.