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Hi-Cube Box Car ICG

Hi-Cube Box Car
Illinois Central Gulf
No. 371-C
The lettering on TYCO's catalog image Illinois Central Gulf Hi-Cube Box differs from some production run examples reviewed.  In production examples, the ICG logo is a bit wider or fatter than it appears in this image and the steps are not open as shown in the catalog pictures.  In addition to TYCO, Lionel-HO in the 1970s offered a similar style Hi-Cube also lettered for ICG.  The Lionel example is easily spotted by its black plug door.

Hi-Cube Box Car Soo Line

Hi-Cube Box Car
Soo Line
No. 371-B

Hi-Cube Box Car Union Pacific

Hi-Cube Box Car
Union Pacific
No. 371-A

TYCO cataloged its 40-foot Hi-Cube Box Car model from 1978 through 1982. TYCO's model appears to be a clone of Athearn's kit, which is prototypical only for Union Pacific's home-built examples.

The model, 371-series numbering, was available in a trio of roadnames during its time in TYCO's line. As with other TYCO freight car toolings, this model may be found with both open and solid stirrup steps.

The tooling was recycled as part of TYCO's Chug-Chug Sound in Box Car (No.902). Chug-Chug equipped examples of this tooling may be found decorated for Baby Ruth and Ralston Purina.

This type of box car was a popular model with Kader producing examples sold in AHM, Bachmann, and Lionel-HO product lines. Athearn was first in HO with this model and offered both this UP prototype Hi-Cube Box Car, plus a ribbed-sided example in its line both beginning in 1970.