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Billboard Box Car

TYCO's 50' Box Car model serves the company again under the name Billboard Box Car carrying the 365-series stock numbers.  The Billboard Box Car series arrives in 1977 with a set of six examples.  The series makes its final appearance in the 1982 TYCO catalog with only the Jell-O and Old Dutch examples shown. 

Billboard Box Car Canada Dry

Canada Dry

Billboard Box Car Canadiana

TYCO catalogs the Canadiana car with the stock number 365-E; however a variation is known to exist carrying stock number 365-M.  The 365-M version has a shell molded in red color with the white sides being painted.  The 365-E version is the opposite, being a white molded shell with red paint applied for the roof and ends.  Thanks to Tony Lucio for the variation information.

Billboard Box Car Jell-O


Billboard Box Car Dots

Mason Dots

Billboard Box Car Old Dutch

Old Dutch Cleanser
TYCO also offered a similarly decorated Old Dutch Cleanser Center Flow Hopper Car (No.358F) in its line.  The Old Dutch Center Flow Hopper is last found in TYCO's 1977 catalog, while this 50' box car in the Billboard Box Car series arrives in 1978.  In addition to being a separately available item, the Old Dutch Billboard Box Car was included in some train sets including The Chattanooga Choo-Choo (No.7332).

Billboard Box Car Old Spice

Old Spice

Billboard Box RailBox

Rail Box
TYCO made at least two box cars with Rail Box markings.  The first is this Billboard Box Car series example.  The Billboard series example features black doors and a silver roof.  TYCO later included a solid yellow box car with black Rail Box lettering in the 339-series 50' Box Car line.  The 339-series model includes the arrows logo in black, while the ealier 365-series model featured the logo in red and blue.  Both cars carry the roadnumber of 10000.  The two never share the same catalog however, the Rail Box 50' Box Car (No.339F) is introduced in 1983.