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Pictured above is the first pair of Triple Dome Tankers from the 1972-73 catalog. Unique this first year are the paint jobs on both cars. Later models feature different paint schemes for each, see images below. Additionally, later models drop the ladder at the center dome.

Riding on triple trucks and boasting triple domes, this was the longest tank car offered in the TYCO line. It is first found in the 1972-73 catalog and remains available into the 1980s. Letter designations following the model number, 357, arrive in the 1975-76 catalog for each name. For example, adding an "C" makes the 357-C the 'Exxon' car. The original retail price given in the 1972-73 catalog is $3.50.

Triple-Dome Tank Car Coca-Cola


Triple-Dome Tank Car Exxon



TYCO's Mobil tank car carries reporing marks GATX 46210.

TYCO Shell TCP 2 Triple Dome Tank Car

Shell TCP 2
TYCO's Shell TCP 2 tanker carries reporting marks UTLX 99939.

TYCO's Sohio Triple-Dome Tank Car is not among the offerings found in the annual product catalogs.  The Sohio car is very likely an early to mid 1970s item.  The car's reporting marks include GATX ownership with roadnumber 46214.  Those not familiar with the Sohio name may be interested to know it was the name of many service stations at one time and was Standard Oil of Ohio. 
eBay auction image

Union 76
TYCO's Union 76 tanker carries reporting marks GATX 46211.
eBay auction image