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Brown Box Era HO-Scale Trains

Box Car
Boston & Maine
No. 311-G

TYCO's blue Boston & Maine Box Car release pre-dates the '70s Brown Box Era.  The car is one of three examples to be illustrated in 1979, the final time TYCO's includes the 40' sliding door box car among freight car offerings.

Box Car Burlington

Box Car
No. 311-T

Box Car CP Rail

Box Car
CP Rail
No. 311-A -1974 Release

As with many TYCO freight cars, the CP Rail 40' Box Car was produced with the open step and the filled-in step tooling.  This car is first found in the 1974-75 TYCO catalog.  
Tony Lucio image.

TYCO Box Car

Box Car
Illinois Central
No. 311-B

Box Car Penn Central

Box Car
Penn Central
No. 311-X -1970 Release

TYCO includes the Penn Central example in the 1975-76 product catalog among Box Cars offerings, however its availability is beyond just this single year.  The first appearance in a catalog appears to be the 1970-71 edition, where you'll find the 40' Penn Central Box Car displayed in train sets.  Above are two examples of the car, showing its production included both open step and filled-in step examples.

Box Car Santa Fe

Box Car
Santa Fe
No. 311-U

TYCO's Santa Fe 40' Box Car release pre-dates the '70s Brown Box Era.  The earliest catalog appearance I find for this red and black box car is the 1963-64 TYCO catalog.  Given the length of time this model was available in the TYCO line, there are numerous variations to both paint and lettering, as well as the tooling.

Southern Pacific 
Tony Lucio image

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TYCO offered a sliding door 40-foot Box Car for much of the life of the model train product line. As with many TYCO freight car models, some runs offered filled-in or solid steps on the cars, while other runs were open.  The open step tooling came first.   

TYCO's Unloading Box Car is not represented on this page, but is found in the Action Cars & Accessories pages.  The Unloading Box Car used a similar design to the standard 40' Box Car and was found in Burlington and U.S. Mail for the Unloading Mail Car set.  The variant Unloading Box Car tooling is the one that survived longest in the TYCO line, making into the early 1980s.

TYCO did not present more than a single sample model in catalogs prior to the 1975-76 edition. The 40ft. Box Car is listed simply as 311 with no letter-designation provided for roadnames. The last year you'll find the 40' Box Car rosted among TYCO's HO-scale freight cars is the company's 1979 annual catalog.