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TYCO Shell Silver Tank Car

Silver Tank Car
No. 367-C -1977 Release

Silver Tank Car STP

Silver Tank Car
No. 367-B -1977 Release

Silver Tank Car Sun Oil

Silver Tank Car
Sun Oil
No. 367-A -1977 Release

TYCO Texaco Silver Tank Car

Silver Tank Car
No. 367-D -1977 Release

Sharing the same shell and underframe as TYCO's No.315 Tank Car, the set of Silver Tank Car models arrive in the 1977 catalog carrying 367-series numbering. The complete set of four are featured in 1977, 1978 and 1979 catalogs.  STP is dropped in 1980, leaving three for that year and 1981.  In 1982 only two are featured Sun and Shell.  None are listed in TYCO catalogs beginning with 1983.