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TYCO Chattanooga Pulpwood Car

Pulpwood Car
This Chattanooga lettered Pulpwood Car is very similar to TYCO's Southern Railway example.  The Chattanooga Pulpwood Car is found in the final Chattanooga Choo-Choo train sets from around 1990.  It is not known to have been available in a brown box as a separate item. 

Pulpwood Car
No. 334-A
There are at least two variations for TYCO's Southern Railroad 50' Pulpwood Car.  The catalog showed an example that included data on the car.  Another example exists with only the Southern Railroad name and the car's number.
Tony Lucio images

Pulpwood Car
Great Northern
No. 334-B
Tony Lucio image

The TYCO Pulpwood Car is a 50' long freight car made up of several separate parts.  The flat car section is a typical TYCO 50' Flat Car that has the upper structure snapped into the flat car frame.  The plastic molded log load is a two-piece casting that fits together down the center of the load.  The upper frame area is a one section bed with raised ends.  The car does feature a separate brake wheel that is applied to one end of the upper frame.