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50ft. Double-Plug Box Car
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Railroad Crossing Signal
Sure-Lock Track
Bridge and Trestle Set

50ft. Double-Plug Door Box Car
Canadian National
No. 3400-036 -1980 Release

Pemco 50-foot Double Door Box

50ft. Double-Plug Door Box Car
CP Rail
No. 3400-012 -1980 Release

50ft. Double-Plug Door Box Car
No. 3400-021 -1980 Release

Pemco HO-Scale Trains

50ft. Double-Plug Door Box Car
Rock Island
No. 3400-0039 -1980 Release

Pemco 50-foot Double Door
                                    Box Car

50ft. Double-Plug Door Box Car
Santa Fe
No. 3400-001 -1980 Release

Pemco's HO-scale 50-foot Double Plug Door Box Car weighs in at 3.6 ounces. From stirrup step to stirrup step, the model measures 50 scale feet in length. The car shell is 10-feet tall and stands 15-feet tall from top of the railhead to its running boards on the roof. Both plug doors measure 8-feet wide each. The top of the model includes diagonal panel style roof and steel running boards. The ends both include what appears to 3/3/3 dreadnaughts. The shell is a single plastic piece with separately applied brake wheel. All details, other than brakewheel, are cast-on. Origin markings on the underframe have Pemco's name and Hong Kong identifications. The underframe is black plastic with two tabs per side that snap into the upper shell. Trucks snap into the underframe and include talgo X2F couplers and plastic wheels and axels. A metal weight snaps on the top of the underframe. Examples examined include the typical two piece red and clear clamshell inner liner and black Pemco cardboard outer package. This is one of Pemco's freight cars to miss inclusion in the company's 1980 color catalog.

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AHM's Conrail box car model illustrated shares what appears to be the same tooling used for Pemco's 50-foot Double-Plug Door Box Car release. You may click on the image of AHM's example and you'll be take to The AHM HO-Scale Trains Resource site and further information.