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Train Set
0-4-0 Tank
2-6-0 Mogul
4-8-2 Mountain
F9 Diesel
F40PH Diesel
Alco 430 Diesel
SD35 Diesel
GG1 Electric
50ft. Double-Plug Box Car
40ft. Tank Car
50ft. Reefer Car
40ft. Stock Car
40ft. Hopper Car
50ft. Flat Car
60ft. Box Car
60ft. 3-Dome Tank Car
60ft. Reefer Car
Crane Car with Boom Tender
Operating Coal Dump Car
Log Dump Car
Hopper Car Loading/Unloading
Crossing Gate
Revolving Beacon
Coal/Gravel Conveyor
Gantry Crane
Semaphore Signal
Railroad Crossing Signal
Sure-Lock Track
Bridge and Trestle Set

40-foot Stock Car
Chicago North Western
No. 3403-029 -1980 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Great Northern
No. 3403-030 -1980 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Rio Grande
No. 3403-018 -1980 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Union Pacific 
No. 3403-011 -1980 Release
Pemco's Union Pacific Stock Car features O.S.L. or Oregon Short Line reporting marks.  The O.S.L. was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Union Pacific and for equipment trust purposes select equipment would feature non-UP reporting marks.