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Train Set
0-4-0 Tank
2-6-0 Mogul
4-8-2 Mountain
F9 Diesel
F40PH Diesel
Alco 430 Diesel
SD35 Diesel
GG1 Electric
50ft. Double-Plug Box Car
40ft. Tank Car
50ft. Reefer Car
40ft. Stock Car
40ft. Hopper Car
50ft. Flat Car
60ft. Box Car
60ft. 3-Dome Tank Car
60ft. Reefer Car
Crane Car with Boom Tender
Operating Coal Dump Car
Log Dump Car
Hopper Car Loading/Unloading
Crossing Gate
Revolving Beacon
Coal/Gravel Conveyor
Gantry Crane
Semaphore Signal
Railroad Crossing Signal
Sure-Lock Track
Bridge and Trestle Set

Sure-Lock Track

3600  9" Straight
3601  6" Straight
3602  1 1/2" Straight
3603  18" Radius Curve
3604  18" Radius Curve w/Rerailer Terminal
3605  90-Degree Crossing
3606  Remote Control Switch LH
3607  Remote Control Switch RH
3608  Manual Switch LH
3609  Manual Switch RH
3610  Lighted Bumpers
3611  9" Straight w/Rerailer Terminal
3612  Terminal w/Wires 

Curiously, Pemco offered an HO-scale section track system that appears to be non-standard and thus incompatible with the likes of Atlas, Bachmann, Life-Like, Tyco, and other manufacturers.  As seen in the images above, the Pemco track at first glance appears to be typical section track, but look at the casting of the plastic end pieces.  Not only did Pemco track connect via the metal rail joiners, the plastic tie sections lock together as well.  The only other track that I've seen similar to this Pemco track is the 1970s Atlas O-scale track.  There is no mention of the material used for the rails, but going by the catalog images one would guess this is steel track and not brass or nickel-silver.
Here is what is said in the Pemco catalog regarding this track...
Revolutionary new track system consists of interlocking track sections.  Eliminates electrical discontinuity and frustrating derailments due to track sections vibrating apart.  For added safety, metal joiners have a protective molded shield which also acts as a guide for easy connection.  Available in all popular sizes.

Below is the page from Pemco's catalog that detailed the company's track releases.  Click on the small image to view a larger version of the page...