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Product Catalog
Train Set
0-4-0 Tank
2-6-0 Mogul
4-8-2 Mountain
F9 Diesel
F40PH Diesel
Alco 430 Diesel
SD35 Diesel
GG1 Electric
50ft. Double-Plug Box Car
40ft. Tank Car
50ft. Reefer Car
40ft. Stock Car
40ft. Hopper Car
50ft. Flat Car
60ft. Box Car
60ft. 3-Dome Tank Car
60ft. Reefer Car
Crane Car with Boom Tender
Operating Coal Dump Car
Log Dump Car
Hopper Car Loading/Unloading
Crossing Gate
Revolving Beacon
Coal/Gravel Conveyor
Gantry Crane
Semaphore Signal
Railroad Crossing Signal
Sure-Lock Track
Bridge and Trestle Set

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Railroad Crossing Signal
No. 3807 -1980 Release
The Pemco Railroad Crossing Signal (#3807) is a unique accessory item in the company's HO scale product line.  Though the tooling for the crossing buck is shared with Pemco's other operating gate, which seems to get its design from the TYCO item, the operation and design of this accessory is unqiue to Pemco.