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60-foot Reefer
No. 3452-035 -1980 Release

60-foot Reefer
Canadian National
No. 3452-036 -1980 Release

60-foot Reefer
No. 3452-042

60-foot Reefer
New York Central -MDT
No. 3452-005 -1980 Release

As with most Pemco rolling stock, there are four decorated versions of its 60-foot Reefer. 
To date, I have not seen the listed Coors model and it may not exist.  A TrainWorld price sheet, from the early 1980s, for Pemco items virtually mirrors Pemco's catalog listing, but  TrainWorld's list does not include Coors among available 60-foot Reefer selections.

This is one of a few unique examples among rolling stock offered in Pemco's line.  I have not been able to locate a prototype for this 60-foot Reefer model, but it is a nicely designed car.  The closest prototype appears to possibly be a 60ft. insulated plug-door box car.  Pemco's model does have refrigeration equipment cast into one of the car ends and ventilation screens appear on one side of the car.