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BQ23-7 Diesel Locomotive
No. 745 -1981 Release
No. 41-650-09 -1982 Release
The Chessie example above illustrates the later version of the tooling with opened pilots for truck mounted couplers.

BQ23-7 Diesel Locomotive
No. 746 -1981 Release
No. 41-650-23 -1982 Release

The BQ23-7 was a 1981 addition to the HO-scale diesel roster.  Two roadnames, Chessie and Family Lines (SCL/L&N), were offered.  The model's tooling differs from Bachmann's previous U36B shell and was unique to the BQ23-7 release.  This model's tooling provided the basis for the 1990s Bachmann Plus B23-7 release.
Information on Wikipedia states the GE prototype model is a variant of the B23-7 and was built in 1978-79.  The enhanced cab was a forerunner to today's wide cab locos, but a Q for Quarters was included in the designation and not the standard W for widecab found today. 
Bachmann's Family Lines models passes the prototype test with respect to SCL ownership and the roadnumber of 5131.  The Chessie System model with C&O 8226 is fiction.  The CSX would operate the ten BQ23-7's, following the combination of Chessie System and Seaboard System.
The Bachmann shell may be found in at least two variations.  Originally, the model had frame mounted couplers and a more fully filled out front and rear pilot.  Later examples carved out the pilots and truck mounted couplers were offered.  The model departs Bachmann's line around 1990.

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