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GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Chessie System 
No. 674 -1979 Release
No. 41-550-09 -1982 Release

GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Southern Pacific
No. 672 -1979 Release
No. 41-550-07 -1982 Release
No. 41-550-D9 -1987 Release

GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Western Pacific
No. 673 -1979 Release

This popular GS4 Daylight version of the 4-8-4 Northern-type steam engine originates in the HO-scale world with Lionel's 1975 introduction of the model. Lionel-HO of the 1970s (1974-1977) was an interesting mix of sources that brought together the short-lived line of model trains. Among the the manufacturers Lionel utilized for its products was Kader. Kader produced a number of Lionel-HO models during the 1970s, a GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 steam engine was one of these Lionel releases.

Bachmann introduces its 4-8-4 Northern in 1975, which is similar, utilizing the same basic Kader-designed drive system as the Lionel-HO, and later Bachmann, Daylight version 4-8-4 Northern. This 4-8-4 drive would also provide Bachmann with the ability to bring New York Central's Niagara, Union Pacific's Overland, and Norfolk & Western's Class J locos to market. Curiously the other 4-8-4 offerings routinely were presented with working smoke units, but the Daylight avoids this feature.

Not long following Lionel-HO's departure from the 1/87th segment of the hobby, this GS4 Daylight model returns under Bachmann's name and went on to enjoy a long life that continues today. For 1979, Bachmann introduces its Daylight GS4 4-8-4 and Tender. Three roads (Chessie, SP Daylight, and Western Pacific) are listed and two are illustrated (Chessie and SP Daylight) in Bachmann's 1979 product catalog. The retail in 1979 was $55. By the mid-1980s, only the red and orange Southern Pacific Daylight scheme 4-8-4 GS4 remains in Bachmann's line. The model continues to be included in Bachmann's line, until its first upgrade in the early 1990s and return as a Bachmann Plus offering. Please see the Bachmann Plus GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 to continue this model's history.


This is a 1979 example of Bachmann's HO-scale Chessie System GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 steam engine. The model includes the typical Bachmann and Hong Kong origin markings on the bottom of the drive. The motor receives power from the rails via all eight driver wheels. No traction tires are employed on this model and no driver wheels are blind. The model will however navigate 18-inch radius curves. The drivers, side rods, front and trailing wheels are all metal. From front pilot to back of cab, the loco measures approximately 65-scale feet in length. Connecting the the loco and tender is a plastic drawbar with three position slots.


Having been introduced in the mid-1970s when ready to run often meant few separately added details, this model includes many extras to be appreciated. Separately applied wire coupler lift bars, boiler front and side grab irons and handrailing are an impressive inclusion. The steps on each side of the cab rear are separately applied plastic that include flexible plastic handrails leading up to the cab door. The engine weighs 15.2 ounces, increasing to 17.9 with accompanying tender.


Promoted as 48-feet in length in catalogs, this number refers to the front end of the tender to out over its X2F coupler on its rear. The actual measurement of just the tender body is 43-feet. The rear coupler is body-mounted, while the tender's connection to the loco is handled by a plastic drawbar with a pair of posts. The drawbar is mounted to the front axle post, but not to the truck. The tender's side ladders on its back end are cast-on, but separately applied wire handrails are included on both ends of the roofline and a wire grab is present on the rear. A pair of metal wire handrails run along the roof of the tender mounted in metal stanchions. This tender represents an oil burning steam engine, so there is no simulated plastic cast coal load.

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