GP40 Diesel
F9-A Diesel
FT-A Diesel
U36B Diesel
U33B Diesel
BQ23-7 Diesel
F40PH Diesel
GP30 Diesel
DD40X Diesel
SD40-2 Diesel
35 Ton Diesel
GP18 Diesel
GP50 Diesel
Bachmann Plus Diesels
F7A and F7B
Saddle Tank 0-6-0
Old West 4-4-0 Steam Engine
Northern 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Overland 4-8-4 Steam Engine
N&W Class J 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Consolidation 2-8-0 Steam Engine
GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Texas 2-10-4 Steam Engine
Mikado 2-8-2 Steam Engine
Prairie 2-6-2 Steam Engine
USRA 0-6-0 Steam Engine
Bachmann Plus Steam Engines
Plus Series Consolidation 2-8-0
Plus Series Niagara
Plus Series Class J 4-8-4
Plus Series Northern
Plus Series GS4 Daylight 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Metroliner Electric
E60CP Electric
E60CF Electric
Plasser EM80C


EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
Burlington Northern
No. 11608 BN #6473 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11609 BN #6490 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

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EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
No. 11606 CR #6142 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11607 CR #6203 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

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EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 11610 PRR #6115 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11611 PRR #6142 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. 11612 ATSF #5408 Freight Warbonnet -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11613 ATSF #5614 Freight Warbonnet -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

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EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific 
No. 11604 SP #8937 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11605 SP #8953 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

Bachmann Plus Union Pacific SD45

EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific 
No. 11602 UP #16 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994
No. 11603 UP #32 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994


EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
No. 11601 -1st Bachmann Plus Release 1994

Bachmann shows a prototype image of a Santa Fe SD45 for its 1994 catalog announcement of the Plus line model. Original retail for these gray boxed Bachmann Plus SD45s was $54.95 and six roadnames with two roadnumbers each was offered, plus an Undecorated example.

The 1995 Bachmann catalog includes the same group of Plus line SD45 diesels, then listed with a $60 retail. The SD45 returns with unchanged roadnames and roadnumbers in 1996, but is listed as "NEW 1996" and the retail is lowered to $45 each. In 1997, Bachmann moves their SD45 to the Spectrum line and begins a series of revisions and upgrades to its tooling.

Bachmann Plus SD45
                                             ad from 1996



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