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Old West American 4-4-0 
Central Pacific "Jupiter"
1976-1981 (No.0670)
1982-1989 (No.41-510-24)
New in Bachmann's HO-Scale line for 1976 was the Old West 4-4-0 Steam Engine and Tender.  The model had a retail price of $30 that first year of offering and came in two roadnames, the above Central Pacific "Jupiter," and Union Pacific.  The leading zero on the item number is gone as of 1978 and the model is listed as an "American" 4-4-0 and "Old West" is dropped from the name.  Bachmann changes its catalog numbering beginning with the 1982 catalog and the 4-4-0 receives the new stock numbers 41-510-24 and 41-510-01. 
The picture above is from Bachmann's 1979 catalog.

Old West American 4-4-0 
Union Pacific
1976-1981 (No.0671)
1982-1989 (No.41-510-01)
Along with the Central Pacific "Jupiter," this Union Pacific Old West 4-4-0 Steam Engine and Tender made up the locos at the driving of the Gold Spike in 1869 at Promontory, Utah and the roadname offerings for Bachmann in 1976.  The lead zero is dropped from the stock number as of Bachmann's 1978 catalog.  The "Old West" name is exchanged in 1978 for "American" 4-4-0 to describe this steam offering.
Image from Bachmann's 1979 catalog.

For additional information relating to the Bachmann 4-4-0 Steam Engine, see the Train Sets section of this website.  Bachmann featured the 4-4-0 in The Great Iron Horse Train Robbery set and other train sets over the years and they are detailed in the Train Sets section.

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