GP38 Diesel
GP40 Diesel
RS-3 Diesel
RS-11 Diesel
RSD-4/5 Diesel
S-2 Diesel
RSD-12 Diesel
Century 424/425 Diesel
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GP7 Diesel
S-4 Diesel
FP7 Diesel

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Boston & Maine
No. 8248 B&M #1272

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Canadian National
No. 8271 CN #7985 -1990 Release
No. 8272 CN #8017 -1990 Release

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Canadian Pacific
No. 8282 CP #7111

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Delaware & Hudson
No. 8273 D&H #3035 -1990 Release
No. 8274 D&H #3038 -1990 Release

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Erie Lackawanna
No. 8275 EL #526 -1990 Release
No. 8276 EL #528 -1990 Release

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Railroad

Atlas S-4

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -blue and yellow scheme
No. 8277 ATSF #1526 -1990 Release
No. 8278 ATSF #1537 -1990 Release

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -Zebra scheme
No. 8289 ATSF #1502
No. 8290 ATSF #1536

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Railway
No. 8287 CNO&TP #6074

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific -Tiger Stripe scheme
No. 8279 SP #1468 -1990 Release
No. 8280 SP #1481 -1990 Release

S-4 Diesel Locomotive
No. 8270 -1990 Release

September 1990 brings Atlas' introduction of the second Roco-produced in ALCO, the S-4 switcher.  The 1990 run included five road names (Canadian National, Delaware & Hudson, Erie Lackawanna, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, plus an undecorated model) with each available road name receiving two different roadnumbers.  The retail price at the time of introduction was $89.95.  The Also S-4 is reviewed in the January 1991 Model Railroader.

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The S-2/S-4 is now an Atlas Classic series release.  To date, it is the only re-issue to not receive separately applied metal grab irons, which does date this offering somewhat in today's market.  You may click on the image above of the Central Vermont S-2 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the production runs from 2001 to the present.