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RSD-12 Diesel Locomotive
Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 8003 -1986 Release

RSD-12 Diesel Locomotive
Nickel Plate Road
No. 8002 -1986 Release


RSD-12 Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 8001 -1986 Release

RSD-12 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific
No.8004 -1986 Release

RSD-12 Diesel Locomotive
No. 8000 -1986 Release

Atlas RSD ad 1986

Atlas introduces the Kato-made ALCO RSD-12 in 1986. The first offering of Atlas RSD-12 models included four roadnames (C&O; NKP; PRR; SP) and an Undecorated example. The 1986 retail was $49.95.

A review of the Atlas RSD-12 is found in the August 1986 edition of Model Railroader magazine. The review says, "Once again Atlas has come up with a superb Alco road switcher that fills a gap in the units available to modelers." The review mentions the RSD-12 is a combination of the prior released RS-11 and RSD-4/5. The body shell comes from the RS-11 and the trucks and frame belong to the RSD-4/5. This makes for a close, but not completely correct RSD-12. The reviewer states the location of the air filters on the long hood and the brake cylinders on the trucks are not exact matches to the RSD-12.

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The Atlas RSD-12 model was produced in Japan by Kato.  Origin marks on these '80s RSD-12 models include Kato's name/logo on the truck bottoms.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.