GP38 Diesel
GP40 Diesel
RS-3 Diesel
RS-11 Diesel
RSD-4/5 Diesel
S-2 Diesel
RSD-12 Diesel
Century 424/425 Diesel
RS-1 Diesel
GP7 Diesel
S-4 Diesel
FP7 Diesel

Century 425 Diesel
British Columbia Railway
No. 8040 BCR #805
No. 8041 BCR #812

Century 425 Diesel
Burlington Northern
No. BN #4244 -1986 Release

Century 424 Phase II Diesel
Canadian National

Century 425 Diesel
Chicago & North Western
No. 8033 CNW #403 -1986 Release

Century 425 Diesel
No. 8037 CRR #2421 -1986 Release

Century 424 Phase I Diesel
No. 8063 CRR #2491
No. 8064 CRR #2497

Century 424 Phase 1 Diesel
Delaware & Hudson (#451 -Solid Blue)
No.8059 -1989

Century 425 Diesel
Erie Lackawanna
No. 8034 EL #2457 -1986 Release

Century 424 Phase 1 Diesel
Erie Lackawanna (Early -Black/Yellow)
No.8057 -1989

Century 424 Phase 1 Diesel
Erie Lackawanna (Late -Maroon/Gray/Yellow)
No.8056 -1989

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

Century 425 Diesel
New Haven
No. 8038 #2553
No. 8039 #2557

Century 425 Diesel
Norfolk & Western
No.8036 Roadnumber 1003 -1986 Release

Century 425 Diesel
Norfolk & Western

Century 425 Diesel
No. 8035 PRR #2419 -1986 Release

Century 424 Phase 1 Diesel
No. 8060 PRR #2415 -1989 Release

Century 424 Phase 1 Diesel
Reading (Yellow/Green)
No.8058 -1989

Century 425 Diesel
Spokane Portland & Seattle
No.8031 -1986

Century 424 Diesel
No.8050 -1986

Century 425 Diesel
No.8030 -1986

The summer of 1986 brings the Kato-produced Atlas U.S. release of the HO-scale Alco Century 424 and 425 models.  The first release included Century 425's decorated for Erie Lackawanna; Burlington Northern; Conrail; Chicago & North Western; Norfolk & Western; Pennsylvania; and Spokane Portland & Seattle; plus Undecorated.  The first run of 1986 Alco Century models included one 425 version and it was sold only in Undecorated examples.
The July '86 Model Railroader magazine Trade Topics column reviews the first offering of the Atlas Century 424/425 diesel models.
Atlas releases five Alco Century 424 models in 1989: Erie Lackawanna -Late (#8056); Erie Lackawanna -Early (#8057); Reading (#8058); Delaware & Hudson (#8059); and Pennsylvania (#8060).  Model Railroader magazine reported in its January 1989 issue that this set of Alco Century 424's was the first time Atlas offered a Phase 1 bodystyle.

Above is the Atlas Century 424/425 Parts Diagram.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

The Atlas Century 424/425 model was produced in Japan by Kato.  Origin marks on these models include Kato's name/logo and Japan markings on the fuel tank bottom and the truck bottoms.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

Prior to the arrival of the Atlas Century 424/425 in 1986, the only available plastic ready-to-run Alco Century of this model type was the AHM C-424.  The model was produced by Roco in Austria for AHM.  For additional info on this model, you may click on the picture of the AHM Bicentennial C-424 above.

The S-2/S-4 is now an Atlas Classic series release.  To date, it is the only re-issue to not receive separately applied metal grab irons, which does date this offering somewhat in today's market.  You may click on the image above of the Central Vermont S-2 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the production runs from 2001 to the present.