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GP40 Diesel
Cotton Belt
No. 7037 SSW #7602 -1984 Release


GP40 Diesel
Louisville & Nashville 
No. 7035 -1984 Release

Atlas Rio Grande GP-40

GP40 Diesel
Rio Grande
No. 7038 DRGW #3084 -1984 Release

GP40 Diesel
No. 7036 -1984 Release

The GP38 and GP40 make a return to Atlas' HO-scale product line in 1984 with an under the shell upgrade.  Differing from the 1970s design, these mid-1980s examples feature a printed circuit board handling the electrical connections of the pick-up, motor, and headlights.  The model, either 1970s or 1980s example, was made by Roco in Austria for Atlas.

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Above is the Atlas GP-38/GP-40 Parts Diagram for the revised 1984 release of this model.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

The Atlas GP-38 and GP-40 models were produced in Austria by Roco.  Origin marks on these models include the Atlas name/logo on the truck bottoms with "Made in Austria" beneath.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

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Bachmann is first with a plastic ready to run HO-scale EMD GP-40 diesel in 1970.  You may click on the image of the Bachmann Penn Central GP-40 for more information.

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The tooling for the original Atlas GP-40 departs the company line and turns up in 1990 with Con-Cor in a revised version.  You may click on the ad pictured above for Con-Cor's GP-40 for a larger version for best viewing.