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RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 7082 -1985 Release

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Chicago & North Western
No. 7086 -1986 Release

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Cotton Belt
No. 7089

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
The Milwaukee Road
No. 7088

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 7087

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. 7081 ATSF #2157 -1985 Release
No. 8172 ATSF #2125
No. 8173 ATSF #2158

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -Zebra scheme
No. -1986 ATSF #2138

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific
No. 7083 -1985 Release

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific  -Tiger Stripe scheme
No. 8175

RSD-4/5 Diesel Locomotive
No. 7080 -1985 Release

Atlas RSD 4/5 ad 1985

Atlas introduces its Kato-made ALCO RSD-4/5 in the spring of 1985.  The first release included:  Chesapeake & Ohio, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, and Undecorated.  The 1985 retail was $48 per unit.
The prototype RSD-4 arrives in 1951 from Alco.  Original RSD-4 owners included:  Central Railroad of New Jersey, Chicago & North Western, Kennecott Copper, Santa Fe, and Utah Railway.  Alco constructed 36 examples between 1951 and 1953.
The more popular RSD-5 debuts in 1952 with 204 examples built by 1956 and production end.  Original owners for RSD-5 diesels included:  Birmingham Southern, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Chesapeake & Ohio, Chicago & North Western, Ferrocarril del Pacifico, Milkwaukee Road, NdeM, Pennsylvania Railroad, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific (SP, SSW, T&NO), and Utah Railway.
For complete history on Alco's RSD-4/5 model, Diesel Era's Volume 9, Number 2 issue from March/April 1998 covers these two models.

The Atlas RSD-4/5 model was produced in Japan by Kato.  Origin marks on these 1980s RSD-4/5 models include Kato's name/logo on the truck bottoms.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

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Atlas' improved RSD-4/5 is included in a 2005 release that included separately applied metal grab irons.  You may click on the image above of the C&O RSD-4/5 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the  production runs from 2005 to the present.