GP38 Diesel
GP40 Diesel
RS-3 Diesel
RS-11 Diesel
RSD-4/5 Diesel
S-2 Diesel
RSD-12 Diesel
Century 424/425 Diesel
RS-1 Diesel
GP7 Diesel
S-4 Diesel
FP7 Diesel

RS-3 Diesel
Boston & Maine 

RS-3 Diesel
Burlington Northern 
No.7072 -1985

RS-3 Diesel
Canadian National
No.8152 -1989

RS-3 Diesel
Canadian Pacific
No. -early 1990s

RS-3 Diesel
Cotton Belt
No. 8010

RS-3 Diesel
Delaware & Hudson
No. 8011

RS-3 Diesel
Erie Lackawanna
No. 7077

RS-3 Diesel
Great Northern (Orange/Green)
No. 8153 -early 1990s

RS-3 Diesel
Lehigh Valley
No.8150 -1989

RS-3 Diesel Locomotive
New Haven (Green/Orange)
No. 8154 NH #537 -early 1990s
No. 8155 NH #560 -early 1990s

RS-3 Diesel
New York Central
No. 8012

RS-3 Diesel
Norfolk & Western
No.7074 -1985

RS-3 Diesel
Northern Pacific 

RS-3 Diesel
Ontario Northland (Green/Yellow)
No.8156 #1301 -early 1990s

RS-3 Diesel
No.7071 -1985

RS-3 Diesel
Rio Grande
No. 7079

RS-3 Diesel
Rio Grande
No.8151 -1989

RS-3 Diesel
Rock Island (Black/Red)
No. 8159 -early 1990s

RS-3 Diesel
Seaboard Airline
No.8153 -1989

RS-3 Diesel
Seaboard Coast Line
No. 7071

RS-3 Diesel
No.7073 -1985

Atlas Alco RS-3 Undecorated

RS-3 Diesel
No.7070 -1985

Atlas introduces the Kato-made ALCO RS-3 in 1985.  This RS-3 marks the beginning of the new model offerings from Atlas that would continue throughout the 1980s and on to the present.  Prior to this RS-3 release in 1985, Atlas had last been heavy with activity in the HO-scale diesel model market back in 1975.  The 1975 Atlas models included the Roco-made EMD units.  The 1980s for Atlas was all about ALCO with an impressive collection of locos issued during the second half of the decade.  The majority of the new models came from Kato in Japan, as in the case of this RS-3.  Atlas would turn to its old partner Roco of Austria however for the updated GP38; GP40; and FP7 offerings, plus an all-new ALCO S-2/S-4 release.
In 1989, Atlas added four RS-3 releases to its line.  They were Lehigh Valley (#8150); Rio Grande (#8152); Canadian National (#8153); and Seaboard Airline (#8153).

Above is the Atlas RS-3 Parts Diagram.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

Until the mid-'80s arrival of the Atlas RS-3, the only plastic model of this Alco was from Hobbytown.  The multipart shell design was ahead of its time and included fine detail that would surprise many not familiar with this model from many years back.

There seems to be an unwritten rule in the model train business, a diesel will go forever without anyone making an HO-scale plastic model...than you get two...or three...or more.

Released within the same year as the Atlas RS-3 is the Stewart RS-3.  The Stewart RS-3 was a flat stock styrene kit that featured an Athearn drive.  Above is a May 1985 ad for the Stewart RS-3, you may click on the image to open a larger version for best viewing.

Also coming on the market at the same time as the Atlas RS-3 was the Roundhouse RS-3.  The Roundhouse RS-3 was a one piece body with cab powered by an Athearn drive.  This model serves as the basis for today's Athearn Ready-to-Roll RS-3 offerings.

From the 2000 Atlas Catalog is this RS-3 "Classic" release information.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

Atlas improved the RS-3 for a 1999 release that included separately applied metal grab irons.  This '99 revision represents the RS-3 as it appears currently when offered by Atlas in the "Classic" series.  You may click on the image above of the Atlas 50th Anniversary RS-3 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the  production runs from 1999 to the present.