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Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Baltimore & Ohio 
No. 8075 B&O #524 -1986 Release

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Boston & Maine
No. 8087 B&M #1261
No. 8088 B&M #1264

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Canadian Pacific
No. 8085 #7014
No. 8086 #7024

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
No. 8074 #9304 -1986 Release

Atlas Erie Lackwanna Alco S-2

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Erie Lackawanna
No. 8081 #507
No. 8082 #539


S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
No. 8084  GM&O #1010

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
New York Central 
No. 8074 NYC #9633 -1986 Release

Atlas Pennsylvania Alco S-2

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Railroad
No. 8073 PRR #5927 -1986 Release



S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Rio Grande 
No. 8071 DRGW #105 -1986 Release

Atlas Santa Fe Alco S-2

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -blue and yellow scheme
No. 8701 #2337
No. 8702 #2352

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -Zebra scheme
No. 8080 ATSF #2342

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Seaboard Air Line
No. 8076 SBD #1429 -1986 Release

Atlas HO-Scale Trains Resource

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific -Tiger Stripe scheme
No. 8078 SP #1362

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific 
No. 8072 -1986 Release

S-2 Diesel Locomotive
No. 8070 -1986 Release

The fall of 1986 brings a Roco-made Alco S-2 switcher to the Atlas HO-scale diesel roster.  The initial roadnames included Baltimore & Ohio, Rio Grande, New York Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Seaboard Air Line, Union Pacific, plus an undecorated example.  You'll find a review of the Atlas Alco S-2 in the Trade Topics section of the November 1986 issue of Model Railroader magazine.
The S-2 marked the first all-new model to come from Roco in Austria for the Atlas line, since the group of 1970s releases.  The S-2 followed a string of Alco releases under the Atlas banner that began with the RS-3 and included the RSD-4/5, RS-11, and Century 424 and Century 425 diesels.  Though these other Alcos were built by Kato in Japan for Atlas in the 1980s.

Atlas Alco S-2 roofline

The S-2/S-4 is now an Atlas Classic series release.  To date, it is the only re-issue to not receive separately applied metal grab irons, which does date this offering somewhat in today's market.  You may click on the image above of the Central Vermont S-2 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the production runs from 2001 to the present.