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RS-11 Diesel
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S-2 Diesel
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RS-11 Diesel
Burlington Northern
No.7094 -1985

RS-11 Diesel Locomotive
No. 7096 -1989 Release

RS-11 Diesel
Delaware & Hudson
No.8180 Roadnumber 5001
No.8181 Roadnumber 5005

RS-11 Diesel
Lehigh Valley 

RS-11 Diesel
Maine Central
No. 7097 MEC #801 -1989 Release
No. 7098 MEC #802 -1989 Release

RS-11 Diesel
New Haven
No.7100 -1989

RS-11 Diesel
New York Central
No.7095 -1985 Release

RS-11 Diesel
Nickel Plate Road
No. 8185

RS-11 Diesel
Norfolk & Western
No.7092 -1985

RS-11 Diesel
Northern Pacific
No.7099 -1989

RS-11 Diesel
No.7091 -1985

RS-11 Diesel
Seaboard Coast Line
No. 8186 SCL #1202
No. 8187 SCL #1208

RS-11 Diesel
Southern Pacific 
No.7099 -1985

RS-11 Diesel
No. -1985

Atlas introduces its Kato-made ALCO RS-11 in December 1985.  This RS-11 model was the second new ALCO to arrive in the Atlas line, following the RS-3 by about a year.  The original group of roadnames included:  Burlington Northern; New York Central; Norfolk & Western; Pennsylvania; Southern Pacific; and an Undecorated example.  The retail price for the 1985 RS-11 diesels from Atlas was $47 with powered examples only.
Model Railroader includes the original Atlas RS-11 release in its Trade Topics column in January 1986.  Jim Hediger reviewed the RS-11 and commented, "Atlas has come up with another fine-looking, fine-running model here."  The review points out only one issue with this model, that of a slightly too short wheelbase.  Kato used the same chassis that served under the RS-3 and that makes it a foot short in the wheelbase department for an RS-11.  Hediger states, "truck centers are spaced inward a scale 6", so this minor discrepancy will not be apparent to most modelers."  The Southern Pacific RS-11 example is pictured by Model Railroader in its Trade Topics review.
Railroad Model Craftsman includes a review of the Atlas RS-11 in their Test Track column of the February 1986 issue.  Jim Eager's review states, "Atlas's new model is in some ways even better than its immediate predecessor."  Eager points out the truck spacing issue of being a scale foot short.  Also noted is an "exaggerated width of the fuel tank needed to clear the shape of the RS3 underframe."  The RMC review includes shots of both sides of the N&W RS-11 example.
The ad pictured above is from the January '86 issue of Model Railroader. 
A set of five RS-11 models was part of the Atlas 1989 product line offerings:  Conrail (#7096); Maine Central #801 (#7097); Maine Centrail #802 (#7098); Northern Pacific (#7099); New Haven (#7100).

Above is the Atlas RS-11 Parts Diagram.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

The 1985 Atlas RS-11 model was produced in Japan by Kato.  Origin marks on these '80s RS-11 models include Kato's name/logo and Japan markings on the fuel tank bottom and the truck bottoms.  You may click on the above image to open a larger version for best viewing.

The RS-11 first arrived on the HO-scale market in plastic ready to run form not long after ALCO constructed the prototypes.  Above is the Varney RS-11 built in Yugoslovia.  This RS-11 was one of the last new releases to come from Varney.  Life-Like would include the same RS-11 among its entry products in the HO-scale market in 1970.  This same tooling RS-11 has also been in the Model Power line over the years.  You may click on the image for a larger view.

The RS-11 sees a major upgrade for its return in the Atlas Classic series.  Among the revisions are a corrected wheel base to width the truck spacing by a scale foot; MU hoses and coupler cut bars are added to the pilots; and painted crew figures are included in the cab.  You may click on the image above of the ALCO Demonstrator RS-11 and you'll be taken to the Atlas site and there you can review the production runs from 2000 to the present.