57-foot Mechanical Reefer
Work Caboose
Standard Caboose
Bay Window Caboose
Wide-Vision Caboose
Covered Gondola
Gondola w/Cannisters
Gondola w/Containers
50' Outside Braced Box Car
40' AAR Box Car
Special Box Car
40' Steam Era Box Car
40' AAR Refrigerator Car
40' Wood Reefer Private Owner
40' Wood Reefer
40' AAR Steel Reefer
Express Reefer
50-foot Steel Single Door Box Car
50' Steam Era Auto Box Car
50' Double-Door Auto Box Car
50' Mechanical Refrigerator
50-foot Outside Braced Refrigerator
3-Dome Tank Car
Chemical Tank Car
Single Dome Tank Car
62' Tank Car
Heavy Duty Flat Car
40' Flat Car w/Stakes
40' Flat Car w/Load
50' Flat Car w/Stakes
85' All Purpose Flat Car
85' Piggyback Flat Car
Pickle Car
55' ACF Hopper
54' PS Hopper
Quad Hopper
Pulpwood Car
40' Wood Box Car
Grain Loading Box Car
50' Flat w/2 Vans
25' Piggyback Vans
Stock Car
34' Offset Side Hopper
34' Composite Side Hopper
34' Ribbed Side Hopper
Tractor w/40' Trailer
40' Trailers
Snow Plow
Auto Loader
200 Ton Crane
4-Door 86' Hi-Cube
8-Door 86' Hi-Cube
40' Outside Brace Hi-Cube
40' Smooth Side Hi-Cube
50' Plug Door
Modern Billboards
Streamline Passenger Cars
Streamline Baggage
Streamline Diner
Streamline R.P.O.
Streamline Coach
Streamline Vista Dome
Streamline Observation
Heavyweight Passenger Cars
Athearn OEM
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40' AAR Box Car
Akron, Canton & Youngstown
No. 1212

Athearn 40-foot AAR Box Car

40-foot AAR Box Car
Boston & Maine
No. 208 Kit -1957 Release B&M #74005
No. 308 RTR -1957 Release B&M #74005
No. 1202 Kit -1961 Release B&M #74005
No. 2202 RTR -1962 Release B&M #74005

Athearn 40-foot AAR Box Car

40-foot AAR Box Car
Boston & Maine
No. 209 Kit -1957 Release B&M #74706
No. 309 RTR -1957 Release B&M #74706

40' AAR Box Car
Canadian National
No. 1209

40-foot AAR Box Car
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
No. 207 Kit -1957 Release CB&Q #35789
No. 307 RTR -1957 Release CB&Q #35789
No. 1201 Kit -1961 Release CB&Q #35789
No. 2202 RTR -1961 Release CB&Q #35789

40-foot AAR Box Car
Chicago & North Western
No. 1200 Kit -1957 Release CNW #5609
No. 2200 RTR -1957 Release CNW #5609

40-foot AAR Box Car
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
No. 206 Kit -1957 Release DLW #51999
No. 306 RTR -1957 Release DLW #51999

40' AAR Box Car
Grand Trunk Western
No. 1211

40' AAR Box Car
Great Northern

Athearn 40-foot AAR Box

40-foot AAR Box Car
Great Northern
No. 1223 Kit -1962 Release GN #27024
No. 2223 RTR -1962 Release GN #27024
No. 1223 -1994 Release GN #27023
No. 1223 -1996 Release GN #27026

40-foot AAR Box Car
Gulf Mobile & Ohio 
No. 1201 -1971 Release GM&O #21190
No. 1201 -1994 Release GM&O #21091
No. 1201 -1997 Release GM&O #21129

40' AAR Box Car
Illinois Central

40' AAR Box Car
Maine Central
No. 1203

40' AAR Box Car
Norfolk & Western
No. 1210

40' AAR Box Car
Ontario Northland 

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40' AAR Box Car
Penn Central
No. 1206

40' AAR Box Car
Santa Fe Shock Control

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40' AAR Box Car
Southern Pacific 
No. 1205 -1957 Release

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40' AAR Box Car
Southern Pacific 
No. 1205

40-foot AAR Box Car
Union Pacific
No. 205 Kit -1957 Release UP #187872
No. 305 RTR -1957 Release UP #187872

40' AAR Box Car
Vermont Railway 

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40-foot AAR Box Car
No. 1200 -1957 Release

Athearn introduces its 40-foot sliding door box car model in 1957. Also new at the same time, Athearn debuted the steel offset cupola caboose, four-truck heavy-duty flat car, and the EMD GP9 diesel. The box car originally sold for 89-cents in kit form for unlettered solid color models. Kits offered unlettered painted box car models in red, green or silver. The first road names offered for the 40-foot box car model are: Burlington, Chicago & North Western, Lackawanna, and Union Pacific. The fully decorated 40-footers sold in kit versions for $1.29 and were also sold ready to run for $1.98 each.

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This April 1957 ad talks about the "New Athearn Realism" of the 40' Box Car and Caboose models.

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