Brown Box Era HO-Scale Trains
1980 Train Sets

TYCO 1980 Catalog

The Big Logger
No. 7316
New in TYCO's 1980 catalog, The Big Logger featured a Santa Fe GP20 diesel locomotive, Log Loader with Pine Hill Logging Company log car; Frisco Autoloader with six autos, Texaco tank car,  Santa Fe caboose, 14-sections of track to make a 36 by 45 ince oval, and power pack. 

TYCO Broadway Limited Train Set

The Broadway Limited
No. 7326
The only passenger train among a collection of freight train sets in the 1980 TYCO catalog is this Amtrak offering.  Powered by TYCO's shorty GG-1 electric loco dressed in Amtrak's Phase II paint scheme, the set also included examples of each of the three lighted Amtrak streamlined passenger car body styles in the TYCO line of this era.  The set included a Power Pack(#899) and 14-sections of track, including curved terminal/rerailer section, that made a 36 by 45 inch oval layout.

The Burlington Northern
No. 7312
This train set featured a Burlington Northern GP20 diesel locomotive, Swift reefer car, Union Pacific hopper car, Great Northern skid flatcar with culvert pipe sections, Burlington Northern caboose, 14-sections of track to make a 36 by 45 inche oval, 17-piece Bridge and Trestle Set, Operating Crossing Gate, and Power Pack. 

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo
(No. 7332)
For 1980, "The Chattanooga Choo-Choo" (Set No. 7332) featured a 0-8-0 Steam Loco with Smoke and Tender; Baby Ruth Chug-Chug Box Car; 50' Old Dutch Cleanser Billboard Box Car; Southern Pulpwood Car; Shell Tank Car; Chattanooga Caboose; Remote Control Whistle in Billboard; 17-piece Bridge and Trestle Set; 14-sections of track to make a 36"x45" oval; and Power Pack. 

The Conrail Freight
(No. 7303)
NEW in TYCO's 1980 catalog, "The Conrail Freight" (Set No. 7303) featured a Conrail F-9 Diesel Loco; 50' Burlington Northern Box Car; Union Pacific Hopper Car; General Purpose Caboose; 12-sections of track to make a 36" circle; and power pack.  TYCO did not produce a Conrail decorated caboose, so this set includes the generic red caboose featuring two white stripes and carrying the number 689.

The Golden Eagle
(No. 7328)
NEW in TYCO's 1980 catalog, "The Golden Eagle" (Set No. 7328) featured a Golden Eagle Alco Super630 Diesel Loco; 50' Burlington Northern Box Car; Coca-Cola Tank Car; Union Pacific Gondola with Nite-Glow Pipe Sections; Conrail Hopper Car; Southern Pulpwood Car; Golden Eagle Caboose; Pipe Truck; Operating Crane; Signal Crossing with Lights and Bell; Nite-Glow Sheet; 14-sections of track to make a 36"x45" oval; and power pack. 
The catalog lists a "Pipe Truck" among the contents of "The Golden Eagle" set, however the truck included is the standard red-cab Truck and Union Pacific Trailer.  Perhaps TYCO is suggesting one utilized the "imagination" you supply separately to make this a "Pipe Truck"?

The Mammoth of the Rails
(No. 7336)
"The Mammoth of the Rails" (Set No. 7336) featured a Chattanooga 0-8-0 Steam Loco; Purina Reefer Car; Burlington Northern Hopper Car; Great Northern Skid Flat Car with Culvert Pipe Sections; Union Pacific Gondola with Pipe Sections; 50' RailBox Billboard Box Car; Shell Tank Car; Chattanooga Caboose; 24 Signs and Poles; 28-sections of track to make a 45"x63" double oval with 2 Remote Control Switches Steam Whistle in Billboard; and Power Pack. 

Rock Island Express
(No. 7309)
NEW in TYCO's 1980 catalog, "The Rock Island Express" (Set No. 7309) featured a Rock Island Shark Nose Diesel Loco; 50' Burlington Northern Box Car; Union Pacific Gondola with Pipe Sections; Rock Island Caboose; 17-piece Bridge and Trestle Set; 14-sections of track to make a 36"x45" oval; and power pack. 

The Santa Fe Action Freight
(No. 7335)
"The Santa Fe Action Freight" (Set No. 7335) featured a Santa Fe Alco Super630 Diesel Loco; Burlington Northern Hopper Car; Great Northern Skid Flat with Culvert Pipes; Texaco Tank Car; 50' Jell-O Billboard Reefer; Union Pacific Gondola with Pipe Sections; Oscar Mayer Old Time Reefer; Log Dump Car; Santa Fe Caboose; Operating Log Dump with Track; 24 Signs and Poles; 20-sections of track to make a 45"x45" oval; 2 Manual Switches and Power Pack. 

TYCO Silver Streak train set #7322

Silver Streak
No. 7322
This train set featured a chrome-and-red Silver Streak Union Pacific Alco Century 430 diesel locomotive, Burlington Northern hopper car, Purina reefer car, Santa Fe flatcar with two Union Pacific trailers, Great Northern skid flatcar with culvert pipe sections, Silver Streak caboose, Piggyback Loader/Unloader with Truck Depot, Nite-Glow Decoration Sheet, 14-sections of track to make a 36 by 45 ince oval, and Power Pack.