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TYCO 1982 Big Logger train set

Train Set
Big Logger
No. 7409 -1982 Release

This set is listed as NEW for 1982 and is quite different than what was contained in prior Big Logger offerings in 1980 and 1981.  The previous Big Logger sets were powered by TYCO's Santa Fe GP20 diesel.

For 1982 TYCO offers its Big Logger with a Rock Island Shark Nose diesel (#222-10), a 50-foot RailBox box car, Log Dump Car with Logs, including an Operating Log Dump with Bin (#952), and a red with yellow roof streamline Rock Island caboose. 

The company's TYCOSCENE layout board (#7940) is included with this set, plus 14-sections of track to make a 36-inch by 45-inch oval layout using a standard TYCO Power Pack (#895).


Train Set
Chessie Freight
No. 7404 -1982

This set, as all TYCO HO-scale train sets were in 1982, is listed as NEW in the catalog.  Notice only 3-digits are provided for the set's number, while the remainder of the TYCO sets for 1982 all carry a 7400-series 4-digit stock number.  This is obviously a mistake in the catalog.  The correct number for this set is not currently available. 
TYCO's Chessie Freight was powered by a F9A dressed in Chessie System's colorful scheme (#224-03); a green 50-foot Burlington Northern box car, a blue Conrail 40-foot hopper, and the company's General Purpose red-with-white stripes-and-lettering streamline caboose. 

The 17-piece Bridge and Trestle Set (#907) was included with the set's 14-sections of track to make an elevated 36-inch by 45-inch oval layout.

TYCO's King Coal Train Set

Train Set
King Coal
No. 7419 -1982 Release

Among the offerings introduced in 1982 by TYCO as a "Complete TYCOSCENE Railroad," this train set included the TYCOSCENE Layout Board (#7940) and the Operating Tractor Loader with Coal Load (#959). 

The King Coal train set was powered by an 0-6-0 Steam Loco dressed in Southern Railway green with yellow lettering and stripes (#257-76), red 50-foot Santa Fe box car, yellow 40-foot Union Pacific hopper, Keystone Coal Co. dump car to work with the #959 accessory piece, and the red-with-white stripe and numbered "689" General Purpose streamline Caboose. 

The set also included TYCO's then-new standard Power Pack (#895) and 14-sections of track to build a 36-inch by 45-inch oval layout.

Train Set
Pipeline Express
No. 7414 -1982 Release

Listed as both NEW and "as advertised on TV" in the 1982 TYCO catalog is the Pipeline Express train set. 

Like a number of the other TYCO train sets for 1982, this offering included the TYCOSCENE Layout Board (#7940).  The set was powered by a lighted red-and-silver Santa Fe GP-20 (#228-21) and included a green 50-foot Burlington Northern box car, blue 40-foot Conrail hopper, and red Santa Fe streamline caboose. 

The set also featured TYCO's then-new Operating Pipe Dump Set with Dumping Station and Pipe Load (#953), plus 14-sections of track to create a 36-inch by 45-inch oval run by TYCO's #895 Power Pack.

Train Set
Rail America
No. 7435 -1982 Release

One of two steam engine powered train sets in the 1982 product catalog, TYCO's Rail America set also featured the expanded TYCOSCENE Layout Board (#7940 and #7950).  The Rail America, among the high-end of TYCO train sets in 1982, also included five accessories:  Piggyback Loader/Unloader (#903) labeled as "Container Loader Unloader" in the catalog, Pipe Loader (#958), Operating Pipe Dump Set with Dumping Station and Pipe Load (#953), Operating Log Dump Set with Dumping Station and Log Load (#952), and Crossing Gate (#908). 
The train's consist included a red-and-white checkerboard 40-foot Ralston Purina reefer, green 50-foot Santa Fe flat car with a pair of yellow Union Pacific trailers, silver Shell tank car, green Burlington Northern 50-foot box car, and the red General Purpose streamline caboose.  The steam engine was TYCO's 0-8-0 Great Northern Lighted Steam Loco with Tender (#258-26).
In addition to TYCO's standard Power Pack (#895), the set came with 25-sections of track with a pair of manual switches that created a 36-inch by 63-inch double-oval layout.


Train Set
Switcher Freight
No. 7401 -1982 Release

This set is listed as NEW for 1982 and is a very basic offering in TYCO's train set line.  Power is TYCO's lighted Diesel Switcher (#241-21) in red-and-silver Santa Fe paint, silver 40-foot Swift reefer, yellow Union Pacific hopper, and a red streamline Santa Fe caboose. 

A standard TYCO Power Pack and a 36-inch circle of track complete this train set.

TYCO Road & Rail set #3235

Train Set
US-1 Road & Rail
No. 3235 -1982 Release

The US-1 Road & Rail set was moved from the train products section of the catalog, where it was found in 1981, to the US-1 Trucking section for 1982. 
The train set contents were a lighted Alco Century 430 in yellow-and-red Rock Island dress (#235-10), yellow 40-foot Union Pacific hopper, green 50-foot Burlington Northern box car, silver Texaco tank car, and red with yellow roof Rock Island streamline caboose (#327-10). 

A Power Pack (#899) and enough track to create a 39-inch by 48-inch layout.  TYCO included two road-and-rail straight crossing sections.
The trucking portion of the set included a Dump Truck (#3901), Truck Cab (#3904), and Gravel Trailer (#3925), dump yard, gravel bin, operating gravel hopper, logs, highway signs, 16-sections of US-1 track, a pair of red US-1 controllers, and TYCO's racing line wall Power Pack.  This set is the same in contents and number to the 1981 offering.

Train Set
No. 7424 -1982 Release

TYCO's Virginian train set for 1982 featured the expanded TYCOSCENE Layout Board (#7940 and #7950) and the Giant Operating Crane (#950), which included a 50-foot blue and black United States Steel bulkhead flat car.  A blue-and-yellow Virginian lighted Alco Century 430 (#235-79) served as the set's motive power and pulled a yellow 50-foot RailBox box car, 40-foot silver Texaco tank car,  green Burlington Northern hopper car, yellow 40-foot Union Pacific gondola with pipe sections, and a blue with yellow roof Virginian streamline caboose. 

The set also came with 25-sections of track and a pair of manual switches to make a 36-inch by 63-inch oval layout run by TYCO's standard (#895) Power Pack.