TYCO Broadway Limited Train Set

The Broadway Limited
(No. 7326)
The Broadway Limited train set was powered by TYCO's shorty GG-1 electric loco dressed in Amtrak's Phase II paint scheme, the set also included examples of each of the three lighted Amtrak Streamlined Passenger Car body styles, Combine, Coach, Observation, in the TYCO line of this era.  The set included a Power Pack(No.899) and 14-sections of track, including curved terminal/rerailer section, that made a 36"x45" oval layout.

Chattanooga Choo-Choo
(No. 7323)
This diesel powered Chattanooga set featured an orange and yellow GP-20; a Billboard Reefer; Tank Car; Billboard Box Car; 55' Center Flow Hopper Car; and Caboose.  In addition to a 36" x 45" oval of track and power pack, this set also included the Remote Control Whistle in Billboard (No.934).

TYCO Comin' Round The Mountain train set box

Comin' Round The Mountain
(No. 7327)
TYCO's 1977 catalog lists this set as the company's "biggest and best value."  The contents for this train set included an SD-24 Rocky Mountain Line (No.239-27) diesel pulling a silver 40' Virginian Hopper Car (No.344C); a 40' Wesson Tank Car (No.315K); a 50' Southern Railyway Pulpwood Car (No.334A); a red-and-white-checkerboard Ralston Purina 40' Reefer Car (No.355E); a Frisco Autoloader with Six Autos (No.349); a Cattle Car and Depot Set (No.935) which included a 40' orange-and-yellow Durango Stock Car with accessories; also included in the set was the Remote Control Steam Whistle in Billboard (No.934).  The set also featured TYCO's 17-Piece Bridge and Trestle Set (No.907) with 14-sections of track that would together create and elevated 36" x 45" oval of track.  A standard 1-amp TYCO Power Pack (No.899) was also included in this set in 1977.  The Comin' Round The Mountain (No.7327) would return in this same form in TYCO's 1978 product catalog.

The Diesel Freight
(No. 7302)
A very basic TYCO train set, The Diesel Freight consisted of a Lighted Santa Fe F-9 (#224-21) diesel pulling a 50' green Burlington Northern Box Car (#339E); a yellow Union Pacific 40' Hopper Car (#344E); and a red Santa Fe Wide-Vision Caboose (#327-22).  Completing the set was 12-sections of track to make a 36"-circle ran by TYCO's basic 1-amp Power Pack (#899).

The Durango
(No. 7317)
Back for its second and final year in 1977, The Durango set this time around sees some content changes.  The power remains TYCO's Durango GP-20 (No.228-30) diesel and the set again includes the 50' BN Box Car (No.339E); silver Virginian 40' Hopper Car (No.344C); Southern Pulpwood Car (No.334A); and the Cattle Car & Depot Set (No.935).  The changes for the second year's Durango set include replacing the Durango decorated Operating Floodlight Car with a Durango streamline Caboose (No.327-30).  The set also goes from an oval track plan to the simple 36" circle.  Still found among the contents is TYCO's 1-amp Power Pak (No.899).

The Golden West
(No. 7321)
TYCO's Golden West train set includes the 1890 4-6-0 Loco and Tender decorated for Santa Fe (No.233); a white Santa Fe 1890 Combine Coach (No.372-B) and a pair of brown Santa Fe 1890 Coaches (No.372-A).  A standard TYCO Power Pack (No.899) and 14-sections of track create a 36" x 45" oval track plan compete the contents of this train set offering.

The Mammoth of the Rails
(No. 7337)
This train set featured the 0-8-0 Steam Loco and Tender with Smoke in Chattanooga (#256-16) dress heading up the 1977 Mammoth of the Rails train set.  Contents included a 45" x 63" double-oval track plan made of 27-sections of track with a pair of Remote Control Switches (#410 and #411).  The Mammoth set was very well furnished with a Santa Fe Flat Car Set (#901) with Truck Cab and Truck Terminal; the Crossing Gate (#908); a Santa Fe Crane Car with Boom Tender (#932); a Remote Control Steam Whistle in Billboard (#943) and the Unloading Box Car (#930).  The set also included a silver 40' Virginian Hopper Car (#344C); a 50' blue with yellow roof Morton Salt Center Flow Hopper (#358B); a 40' Ralston Purina Billboard Reefer Car (#355E); a streamline red Chattanooga Caboose (#327-15); and finally a standard TYCO Power Pack (#899).

TYCO Midnight Special Train Set from 1979

The Midnight Special
(No. 7304)
Similar to TYCO's Diesel Freight set, The Midnight Special is a very basic train set featuring a Lighted Midnight Special Shark Nose (No.222-19) diesel; a green 50' Burlington Northern Box Car (No.339-E); a yellow 40' Union Pacific Hopper Car (No.344-E); and the General Purpose red streamline Caboose (No.327-98).  The set's track sections totalled a dozen and made up a 36"-circle layout powered by TYCO's 1-amp Power Pack (No.899).

The Over & Under
(No. 7315)
This set featured a 40" x 87" figure-eight track plan made up of TYCO's 33-Piece Bridge and Trestle Set (#909) and 26-sections of track.  Running up and over this train set was a green-and-black Burlington Northern Shark Nose (#222-17) diesel pulling a yellow 40' Union Pacific Hopper Car (#344E); a silver 40' Swift Reefer Car (#329A); a red Great Northern Skid Flat Car with 3-Culvert Pipes (#342D); and a green BN streamline Caboose (#327-17).  The standard 1-amp TYCO Power Pack (#899) was also included in The Over & Under train set of 1978.

The Road & Rail
(No. 9010)
The Road & Rail included a Lighted Alco 430 Diesel; 50' Box Car; Hopper Car; Tank Car; Stock Car; and Caboose.  Additionally, 16-sections of track; 24 Signs and Poles (No.904); and Power Pack.  The racing set contents included a pair of Curvehugger Lighted Silver Streak Cars; 27-sections of track; 18-pier supports; 16 Nite-Glow guardrail sections with decorative glow sheet; 2 plug-in racing controllers; 3" road & rail crossover and Power Pack.

Rock Island Freight
(No. 7307)
One of three TYCO train set's to feature a Rock Island Alco Century 430 (No.235-10) in the 1977 catalog is The Rock Island Freight.  This set included a green Western Maryland 40' Flat Car with Tractors (No.351-B); a yellow with red roof and ends Heinz 40' Billboard Reefer (No.355-F); a Frisco Autoloader with Six Autos (No.349); and a red with yellow roof steamline Rock Island Caboose (No.327-10).  The set had a dozen sections of track that constructed a 36" circle layout powered by TYCO's 1-amp Power Pak (No.899).

TYCO Rock Island Line train set

The Rock Island Line
(No. 7325)
This train set was billed by TYCO as a 101-piece Super Over & Under Set.  The Rock Island Line in 1977 featured a red with yellow nose and tail Rock Island Alco Century 430 (#235-10) diesel; a yellow 40' Union Pacific Gondola with 3-Culvert Pipes (#341B); a green 50' BN Box Car (#339E); a silver Virginian Hopper Car (#344C); a Frisco Autoloader with Six Autos (#349); a red with yellow roof Rock Island streamline Caboose (#327-10); a Cattle Truck; the 24-Piece Decorated Trackside Signs & Telephone Poles (#904); the 33-Piece Bridge and Trestle Set (#909); a 1-amp TYCO-PAK (#899); and 26 sections of track that made a 40" x 87" large figure-eight layout. 
Of possible note in The Rock Island Line set may be the Cattle Truck, as it is not apparently available as a separate accessory.  Though the Cattle Truck is part of the Cattle Car & Depot Set (#935), it is listed in the catalog as a separate item.  The Rock Island Line train set box does include the Cattle Truck as a typical TYCO brown box item in its picture.  It could therefore be stamped with a TYCO stock number and might possibly have been available individually.
The Rock Island Line (#7325) returns in TYCO's 1978 catalog with the same set contents and stock number.

The Royal Blue
(No. 7324)
This 1977 TYCO train set included a blue and silver 2-8-0 Consolidation with Smoke lettered "The Royal Blue" and carrying number 638 (#245-02); a chrome Shell Tank Car (#367C); a Southern Pulpwood Car (#334A); a yellow Union Pacific 40' Gondola with Culvert Pipes (#341B); a green Burlington Northern Box Car (#339E); and a streamline blue and silver Royal Blue Caboose (#327-02).  The Royal Blue set also included 14-sections of track that built a 36" x 45" oval layout ran by a standard 1-amp TYCO Power Pak (#899).

Santa Fe Action Freight
(No. 7334)
This deluxe train set included a Lighted Alco 630 Diesel; Remote Control Log Dump Set (No.926); Piggyback Flat Car Set (No.348); Billboard Reefer Car; Tank Car; Hopper Car; Pulpwood Car; 62' Express Reefer; and Caboose.  Additionally, The Santa Fe Action Freight set featured an Operating Crossing Gate (No.908); 24-Signs and Poles (No.904); 2-Manual Switches (No.912 and No.913); 19-sections of track to create a double-oval 45" x 45" layout; and Power Pack.

TYCO System 200

System 200
(No. 7340)
TYCO bills this monster set as a "railroad empire."  The System 200 featured an F-9 Diesel; Tank Car; Hopper Car; Piggyback Flat Car Set (No.348); Remote Control Freight Unloading Depot (No.931); Cattle Car and Depot Set (No.935); 2 Cabooses; a GP-20 Diesel; 50' Box Car; Autoloader with Six Autos (No.349); Operating Crossing Gate (No.908); 24-Signs and Poles (No.904); Remote Control Whistle in Billboard (No.934); 47-sections of track with 4-Remote Control Switches (No.910-7 and No.911-7) that created a 4' x 8' triple oval layout; and a pair of Power Packs.

Twin Diesel Freight
(No. 7313)
This TYCO train set featured a pair of red-and-silver Santa Fe F-9 (#248-21) diesels; one powered and one non-powered.  These two engines powered a train consisting of a 50' green Burlington Northern Box Car (#339E); a yellow 40' Union Pacific Gondola with Pipe Load (#341B); a red-and-black Southern Railway Pulpwood Car (#334A); and a Santa Fe Caboose.  The Twin Diesel Freight set rather surprisingly only provided a simply 36"-circle track layout, odd considering it is a rare TYCO set to offer two diesels, and the standard Power Pack (No.899).