Brown Box Era HO-Scale Trains
1987 Train Sets

The Chattanooga
The 1987 edition of TYCO's long running Chattanooga train set featured an 0-8-0 Steam Engine and Tender with Smoke, 50' Billboard Box Car, Pulpwood Car, Hopper Car, and Caboose.  A 36" x 45" oval track plan was enhanced with a 17-piece Bridge & Trestle Set.  A 1-amp TYCOPak power pack completed the set's contents.

Rail Master 72
Giant 72-Piece Train Set
The Rail Master 72 set featured a Santa Fe GP-20 Diesel pulling a 50' Box Car, Tank Car, Gondola with Culvert Pipes, AutoLoader with 8 Autos, and Caboose.  The set included a 17-piece Bridge & Trestle Set, Auto Unloading Terminal, and 24 Poles and Signs.  The track plan was a 36" x 45" oval and a power pack was also included in this set.  Notice that the replacement autos are included by this time in the TYCO product line and the number provided has been raised from six to eight.

Railroad Empire
Complete TYCOSCENE Railroad Set
This set featured a Santa Fe Super 630 with an AutoLoader and 8 Autos, Tank Car, Log Dump Car with Logs, Pipe Dump Car, Horse Car, and Caboose.  The set was the only one remaing in the TYCO product line by 1987 to include a TYCOSCENE layout board as part of its contents.  The track plan was a 36" x 45" oval with standard 1-amp power pack.  The Railroad Empire was generously set up with TYCO's Operating Crossing Gate, Auto Unloading Station, Operating Pipe Loader, Pipe Dump Bin, Log Dump Bin, Horse Depot Set with 6 Horses and Truck Cab and Trailer.  The Arlee Station TYCOKit is included, as are 24 Signs and Poles.  TYCO overstates the contents in the catalog description by mistakenly calling for a Stock Car in the set, when it is the Horse Car from the Horse Car and Depot Set.  The descripton also lists Stockyard Depot, but again this is part of the Horse Car and Depot Set. 

Rock Island Express
The 1987 catalog displays TYCO's Shark Nose at the point of this train set, however if you look closely at the set's box that's a Rock Island F-unit.  As TYCO's train offerings began to shrink in the late '80s, contents of sets began showing some interesting variations.  The F-9A's tooling is very similar, if not the same, as the former American, Train & Track F-9A from the late '60s.  This F-9A offer found itself substituting for the apparently out of production TYCO Shark Nose.  The set's contents also included 50' Box Car, Hopper, and Caboose.  These rolling stock selections are also at times subject to variations from what might have been included in the catalog image and past editions of similar sets.  The track plan was a 36" x 45" oval and a TYCOPak was included.

Rocky Mountain Express
Giant 102-Piece Train Set
A new offering in the 1987 TYCO catalog, this set included a Burlington Northern GP-20 Diesel pulling an AutoLoader with 8 Autos, Tank Car, Gondola with Pipe, Hopper Car, 50' Box Car, and Caboose.  The set's track plan was a large figure-8 measuring 40" x 87" that utilitzed a 33-piece Bridge & Trestle Set for elevation.  This set includes Track Boots, a feature accessory that appears to have its introduction in the Turbo Train sets.  The Track Boots appear to be small black plastic clips that help hold sections of track together.  Other extras included a Auto Unloading Terminal, Operating Pipe Loader, plus 24 Signs and Poles.  The set also included a power pack.

Super Turbo Train
A new set according to TYCO's 1987 catalog, the Super Turbo Train Electric Train Set included a Turbo Loco, Turbo Coach, and Turbo Caboose.  A cardstock Tower, Tunnel, and Train Station.  The track plan included 30 sections of track, 4 Cradles, 1 Cradle Suppot, 25 Turbo Track Boots, hand-held Controller and wall Power Pack, plus a Nite-Glow Decoration Sheet.

Turbo Train
This set was similar to TYCO's Super Turbo Train set.  The Turbo Train had the 3-piece Loco, Coach, Caboose Turbo Train.  Fold-up cardstock accessories included a Tower, Tunnel, and Bridge.  The set had 32 sections of track with a pair of Cradles to allow the Turbo Train to run up walls.  A Nite-Glow Decoration Sheet, Controller and Power Pack finished out this set's contents.