Bowker 2-4-0 Steam Engine
Genoa 4-4-0 Steam Engine
Reno 4-4-0 Steam Engine
Casey Jones 4-6-0 Steam Engine
Inyo Steam Engine
Baldwin American Steam Engine
Hudson J3a 4-6-4 Steam Engine
Streamlined Hudson Steam Engine
Big Boy 4-8-8-4 Steam Engine
Northern 4-8-4 Steam Engine
Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam Engine
Heisler Steam Engine -Two Truck
Heisler Steam Engine -Three Truck
Berkshire 2-8-4 Steam Engine
A-3 Switcher Steam Engine
Mikado 2-8-2 Steam Engine
Smoking "Big Mikes" 2-8-2 Steam Engine
Heavy Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Engine
C&O F-19 Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Engine
Simplified Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Engine
Light Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Engine
Dockside 0-4-0 Steam Engine
Booster 0-4-0 Steam Engine
Saddle Tank 0-6-0 Steam Engine
0-6-0 Steam Engine
USRA 0-6-0 Switcher Steam Engine
Shifter 0-4-0 Steam Engine
Switcher 0-8-0 Steam Engine
"Santa Fe" Class S-1 2-10-2 Steam Engine
USRA Mallet 2-8-8-2 Steam Engine
2-8-8-0 EL-3 Mallet Steam Engine
Santa Fe Blue Goose Steam Engine
Cab Forward 4-8-8-2 Steam Engine
C&O L-2 Hudson Steam Engine
Brass Locomotives
Simulated Gold Locomotives
French Pacific
Trevithick's 1804 Locomotive kit
Kitmaster Kits
ALCO 1000
ALCO Century 424
ALCO Century 420
ALCO Century 628
ALCO RS-2 Powered & Dummy
GE 35 Ton Switcher
GE Center Cab
GG-1 Electric
EMD SW1 w/Brakeman and Light
EMD FP45 -Yugoslovia
EMD FP45C -Lima
EMD GP18 w/Flashing Beacon
FM C-Liner
FM C-Liner B-Unit
Krauss Maffei
Plymouth MDT Switcher
Boeing LRV Trolley
Birney/Brill Trolley

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FM C-Liner
Atlantic & East Carolina
No. 5032
No. 5024-I
No. 5024-09

AHM C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 5029
No. 5024-F
No. 5024-06
No. 16203 -w/Caboose
No. 16603 -Pwr and Non-Pwr Set

FM C-Liner
Burlington Northern

AHM C-Liner CN

AHM C-Liner CN

FM C-Liner
Canadian National

FM C-Liner
Chesapeake & Ohio

FM C-Liner

AHM C-Liner

AHM C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Denver and Rio Grande
No. 5024-24
No. 5024-X

FM C-Liner
Great Northern
No.16204 -w/Caboose
No.16604 -Pwr and Non-Pwr Set 

FM C-Liner
Illinois Central
No. 5033
No. 5024-J
No. 5024-10

FM C-Liner
No. 5024-U -1974 Release
No. 5024-21

AHM C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Louisville & Nashville

AHM Milwaukee Road C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Milwaukee Road
No. 5031
No. 5024-H
No. 5024-08

FM C-Liner

FM C-Liner
New Haven
No. 5026

FM C-Liner
New York Central
No. 5036
This was the original scheme produced for AHM's New York Central C-Liner.

FM C-Liner
New York Central

FM C-Liner
Northern Pacific
No. 5030
No. 5024-G
No. 5024-07

FM C-Liner
Penn Central


FM C-Liner
No. 5027 -1963 Release
No. 5024-D
No. 5024-04
No. 16201 -w/Caboose
No. 16601 -Pwr and Non-Pwr Set

FM C-Liner
No. 5025
No. 5024-C
No. 5024-03

Santa Fe C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Santa Fe
No. 5028
No. 5024-E
No. 5024-05
No. 16202 -w/Caboose
No. 16602 -Pwr and Non-Pwr Set

FM C-Liner
Seaboard Coast Line

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FM C-Liner
Soo Line

FM C-Liner
No. 5024-T -1974 Release
No. 5024-20

FM C-Liner
Southern Pacific

AHM C-Liner Spirit of '76

FM C-Liner
Spirit of 1776
No. 5024-25
No. 5024-Y

AHM C-Liner

AHM C-Liner

FM C-Liner
Union Pacific
No. 5034
No. 5024-K
No. 5024-11

FM C-Liner
Transparent (Undecorated) 

AHM 1963 C-Liner advertisement

Rivarossi first produces the C-Liner in HO scale.  This was the same one, originally part of Lionel's HO-scale product line beginning in 1957.  On rare occasion, I've seen a black undecorated Rivarossi boxed example of the C-Liner.  This Rivarossi example was stated as being made of bakelight.  The earliest reference I've found on the Rivarossi C-Liner is a 1954 advertisement listing the model as new.  An early 1960s AHM magazine ad for the C-Liner model states it was produced by Mehanotehika under license from Rivarossi.  To my knowledge, all AHM examples may be Yugoslavian made by Mehanotehnika.  
IHC offered this same Yugoslavian C-Liner. Later runs of the C-Liner often have 'Tempo-Yugoslovia' stamped on the bottom of the fuel tank.

If one looked up "Crude" in the HO-scale Hobby Dictionary, you might just find this unit pictured. The model lacks all steps from the cab to the rear of the unit on both sides. It also sports a strange non-prototypical hood hanging over its carved out front pilot. Available since the late '50s though the 1990s, this model might also be labeled a "classic" in HO-scale.

The AHM C-Liners arrived in the spring of 1963.  You may find a review of the model in the April 1963 Model Railroder magazine.  The unit arrives first only in Reading Lines paint, followed that summer of 1963 in New Haven and Pennsylvania offerings.  The original group was numbered 5025-5036 and included:  Reading, New Haven, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe, B&O, Northern Pacific, Milwaukee, Atlantic & East Carolina, IC, UP, Canadian National, and NYC.

Non-Powered A-Units were also produced, though they featured the same number found on the Powered A-Unit. And a B-Unit is also available for this model.

In the 1967-68 AHM Catalog, the Powered A-Unit is priced at $8.95 and the Non-Powered Units are $3.98. The last appearance by the C-Liner from AHM is found in the 1982 catalog.

AHM also imported an O-Scale FM C-Liner A-Unit.  The O-Scale example was of more prototypical design and featured a better formed front pilot.  The O-Scale AHM C-Liner was never given a B-Unit mate and was available in the 1970s.  AHM offered the O-Scale C-Liner in only two roadnames:  Pennsylvania and Santa Fe.

The Fairbanks Morse C-Liner was introduced in 1950. The C stood for Consolidated. Horsepower variations to the C-Liner model were available to railroad buyers ranging from 1,600 to 2,400 hp. The opposed piston engine was a rare design in diesel locomotives. The C-Liner could be equipped for operate in either freight or passenger service. Though AHM managed to decorate its 1/87th C-Liner example in a wide variety of railroads, actual buyers were few and included: Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Long Island Railroad, Milwaukee Road, New Haven, New York Central, and Pennsylvania.

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Notice the above pilot on the Texas & Pacific C-Liner, this does not reflect any known AHM production run examples.  This slit-pilot belongs to Rivarossi and/or 1960s Lionel-HO models.

You may read about Fairbanks-Morse, the maker of the prototype C-Liner diesel locomotive a Wikipedia.org.

Image sources include AHM product catalogs and advertisments, as well as images from eBay auctions and other sources. Information presented comes from variety of sources including product catalogs, magazine articles and Wikipedia.