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Auto Loader Car


The 1969-70 TYCO catalog lists the retail price of $4.50 for this item, which included the Auto Loader Car and 6 Autos.

TYCO pictures the yellow and black Frisco Auto Loader with the older 'finned' automobiles. The cars look much like those offered by Athearn and the Auto Loader's general appearance here is that of a pre-production specimen. The 1970-71 catalog presents the standard orange Frisco Auto Loader populated with multi-colored Chevy Camaros and AMC Javelin autos. According to information from collectors, there are no TYCO examples known with these older style cars in the yellow and black scheme.

Above is a picture of a Union Pacific flat car that was taken and modified for vehicle service by car maker Evans in the mid 1950s.  A closer match to the TYCO model is also an Evans produced flat car with auto carrying superstructure found on the New York Central.