1978 Blue Comet
1978 Southern Crescent
1978 Historic General
1979 Southern Pacific Limited
1979 Famous American Railroad -Santa Fe
1980 Famous American Railroad -Union Pacific
1980 Texas Zephyr
1980 Chessie Steam Special
1980 Collector Series Box Cars
1980 Big League Cars
1980 Cross Country Express
1980 Mid Atlantic Limited
1980 Royal Limited
1981 Famous American Railroad -Great Northern
1981 Favorite Foods Freight
1981 Maple Leaf Limited
1981 Great Lakes Limited
1981 Chicago & Alton
1981 Powhatan Arrow
1981 Rock Island & Peoria
1982 The Continental Limited
1982 Joshua Lionel Cowen Commemoratives
1983 Famous American Railroad -Southern
1983 Twentieth Century Limited
1983 Gold Coast Limited
1984 Famous American Railroad - Pennsylvania
1984 The Overland Route
1984 Erie-Lackawanna Limited
1985 Illinois Central City of New Orleans
1985 Burlington Northern Limited
1986 Jersey Central Commemorative

Lionel 1980 Catalog

As the 1970s MPC-General Mills Era of Lionel matured and developed, a collector market began to surface. The 1980 Lionel catalog makes it official with the publication divided into Collector Series releases and Traditional Series products. The beginnings of Lionel's Collector Series may be traced back to the 1978 catalog and the Steam Driven Passenger Trains offerings. Lionel combined Traditional and Collector Series releases in the 1981 catalog, but beginning in 1982 separate catalogs for each category were published. This section of the Lionel O27 Resource includes the items released in the Collectors Series and a few select releases from just prior to the official separation of the lines.

Lionel Famous American Railroad
                           Union Pacific

Lionel Collector Series

From the Famous American Railroad releases to special Limited sets and on to the first Fallen Flags set, you'll find Lionel's Collector Series releases from the late '70s to 1986 on this site.