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Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania S-2 6-8-6 Steam Turbine and Tender
No. 6-8404 -Powered -1984 Release

Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania Covered Hopper
No. 6-6123 -Powered -1984 Release

Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania Single-Door Box Car
No. 6-9476 -Powered -1984 Release

Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania Double-Door Box Car
No. 6-9456 -Powered -1984 Release

Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania Single-Dome Tank Car
No. 6-6307 -Powered -1984 Release

Famous American Railroad 5
Pennsylvania Illuminated Porthole Caboose
No. 6-6908 -Powered -1984 Release

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The Pennsylvania Railroad was selected by Lionel for its fifth entry in the Famous American Railroad series in the Collector Series. This Pennsy offering is also to my knowledge the only set to survive beyond a single year in Lionel's catalogs. You'll find the Pennsylvania Famous American Railroad No. 5 in the 1984 and 1985 Collector Series Lionel catalogs. The set featured Pennsy's famous and curious S-2 6-8-6 Steam Turbine. The model was in Lionel's collection and is listed in the catalog as arriving first in 1946. This 1980's version featured a metallic Pennsy Brunswick Green graphite and black die-cast body, 8-wheel worm drive, puffing smoke, Magne-Traction, lubricator linkage introduced on the 1954 model carrying number 682. Inisde the tender was Lionel's Electronic Mighty Sound of Steam, electronic whistle, and the tender had a backup light. Rolling stock for this set included a Pennsylvania Single-Door Box Car (No. 6-9476) and Double-Door Box Car (No. 6-9456), Covered Hopper (No. 6-6123), Tank Car (No. 6-6307) and Pennsy-prototype Porthole Caboose (No. 6-6908). This well-known Lionel caboose was dressed in everything from Spirit of '76 to Illinois Central and more, but is a Pennsylvania N5c design. The Porthole Caboose was present in the Lionel line at the dawn of the MPC-General Mills Era in 1970.