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SD80MAC Diesel Locomotive
No. 37-6341 (Conrail Quality-scheme) CR #4103 -2002 Release
No. 37-6342 (Conrail Quality-scheme) CR #4105 -2002 Release
No. 37-6343 (Conrail Quality-scheme) CR #4123 -2002 Release

SD90/43MAC Diesel Locomotive
No. 37-6344 CSX #801 -2003 Release 

SD90/43MAC Diesel Locomotive
Norfolk Southern 
No. 37-6345 NS #7202 -2003 Release
No. 37-6346 NS #7204 -2003 Release
No. 37-6347 NS #7213 -2003 Release 

SD80MAC Diesel Locomotive
No. 37-6340 -2002 Release

Kato HO-Scale
                           Trains Resource

The April 1997 issue of Model Railroader magazine features the article, "EMD SD80MAC: 5,000 horses running wild on Big Blue" by Jeff Capps. The article includes a 1:87th HO-scale drawing of the SD80MAC and prototype images of Conrail SD80MACs. Kato introduces its HO-scale SD80MAC in 2002. The September 2002 issue of Model Railroader includes a review of the Kato SD80MAC.