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SD40 Diesel
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GP35 Ic Diesel
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AC4400CW Diesel
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SD38-2 Diesel
P42 Diesel

AC4400CW Diesel
No. 37-6441 (Heritage II-scheme) #5608
No. 37-6442 (Heritage II-scheme) #5615
No. 37-6443 (Heritage II-scheme) #5624
No. 37-6444 (Heritage II-scheme) #5622 -2011 Release

AC4400CW Diesel
Canadian Pacific
No.37-6471 (Flags-scheme) #9524
No.37-6472 (Flags-scheme) #9567

AC4400CW Diesel
Canadian Pacific
No. 37-6473 (Golden Beaver-scheme) #9516
No. 37-6474 (Golden Beaver-scheme) #9532
No. 37-6475 (Golden Beaver-scheme) #9608 -2011 Release

AC4400CW Diesel
Union Pacific
No. 37-6433 (Building America) #5714
No. 37-6434 (Building America) #5799
No. 37-6437 (Building America) #5780 -2011 Release

AC4400CW Diesel
Union Pacific
No.37-6435 (Lightning Bolt) #5727
No.37-6436 (Lightning Bolt) #5767

Prototype plans for General Electric's AC4400CW may be found in the January 1996 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.  Ed Ryan's article includes numerous color pictures of the prototypes, plus a roster that was current as of the publication.  The article also features two HO-scale drawings for the AC4400CW (CSX and SP versions).