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C44-9W Diesel
No. 37-1901 (Heritage I-scheme) #976 -1997 Release
No. 37-1902 (Heritage I-scheme) #1005 -1997 Release
No. 37-1903 (Heritage I-scheme) Unnumbered -1997 Release

C44-9W Diesel
No. 37-6312 (Heritage II-scheme) #4929

C44-9W Diesel with High Numberboards
Canadian National
No. 37-1201 #2502 -1996 Release
No. 37-1202 #2503 -1996 Release
No. 37-1207 Unnumbered -1996 Release

C44-9W Diesel with Low Numberboards
Chicago & North Western
No. 37-1301 #8626 -1996 Release
No. 37-1302 #8633 -1996 Release
No. 37-1307 Unnumbered -1996 Release
No. 37-1310 #8659 Operation Lifesaver -1997 Release
No. 37-1311 #8717 Operation Lifesaver -1997 Release
No. 37-1312 #Unnumbered Operation Lifesaver -1997 Release

C44-9W Diesel with Low Numberboards
No. 37-1303 #9009 -1996 Release
No. 37-1304 #9024 -1996 Release
No. 37-1308 Unnumbered -1996 Release

C44-9W Diesel
Norfolk Southern
No. 37-1801 #8936 -1997 Release
No. 37-1802 #8979 -1997 Release
No. 37-1803 Unnumbered -1997 Release

C44-9W Diesel with High Numberboards
Santa Fe
No. 37-1203 #600 -1996 Release
No. 37-1204 #650 -1996 Release
No. 37-1208 Unnumbered -1996 Release
No. 37-1210 #605 -1997 Release
No. 37-1211 #606 -1997 Release

C44-9W Diesel with High Numberboards
Southern Pacific
No.37-1205 #8100 -1996 Release
No.37-1206 #8105 -1996 Release
No.37-1209 Unnumbered -1996 Release
No.37-6621 #8110 Release
No.37-6622 #8137 Release
No.37-6625 #8116 Release

C44-9W Diesel with High Numberboards
Union Pacific
No.37-1305 #9702 -1996 Release
No.37-1306 #9726 -1996 Release
No.37-1309 Unnumbered -1996 Release
No.37-6623 #9564 (UP herald on cab)
No.37-6624 #9581 (UP herald on cab)
No.37-6626 #9575 (UP herald on cab)

C44-9W Diesel
No.37-1200 High Numberboards -1996 Release
No.37-1300 Low Numberboards -1996 Release

The above ad for the Kato C44-9W comes from the June 1996 Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.
May 1996 brings Kato's initial collection of HO-scale C44-9W diesels to market with a retail price of $134.98.  The first group included:  ATSF, CN, CNW, CSX, SP, UP, plus Undecorated examples of both shell variations.
Kato's second production run of C44-9W models included BNSF (Heritage I scheme), Chicago & North Western (Operation Lifesaver), Norfolk Southern, and Santa Fe.  The retail was $134.98 each for the 1997 C44-9W examples.
Jeff Wilson reviews the Kato Dash 9-44CW in the September 1996 Model Railroader magazine.  The April and May 1996 issues of Model Railroader included articles on the General Electric Dash 9 series that included information regarding differences among the prototypes per roadname.

Above is Kato's April 1996 ad for the new C44-9W.  You may click on the image above to open a larger version for best viewing.

Sharing the market with Kato's Dash 9 was the Athearn example illustrated above.  Athearn continues to offer its C44-9W today in the company's Ready to Roll series.  You may click on the image above to open a larger version for best viewing.  The G.E. decorated Athearn model was featured in a 1996 advertisement.