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SD45 Diesel
Chicago & North Western
No.37-1741 #6544 -2004 Release

SD45 Diesel
CP Rail System 
No.37-1701 #5493 -1997 Release
No.37-1702 #5494 -1997 Release
No.37-1703 Unnumbered -1997 Release

SD45 Diesel
Erie Lackawanna
No.37-1704 #3613 -1997 Release
No.37-1705 #3632 -1997 Release
No.37-1706 Unnumbered -1997 Release

SD45 Diesel
No.37-1742 #6200 -2004 Release

Kato Reading SD-45

SD45 Diesel
No.37-1707 #7601 -1997 Release
No.37-1708 #7602 -1997 Release
No.37-1709 Unnumbered -1997 Release

SD45 Diesel
Rio Grande
No.37-1743 (Large Flying Rio Grande-scheme) #5336 -2004 Release

SD45 Diesel
Santa Fe 
No.37-1710 #5300 -1997 Release
No.37-1711 #5426 -1997 Release
No.37-1712 Unnumbered -1997 Release
No.37-1745 #5592 -2004 Release
No.37-1746 #5596 -2004 Release

SD45 Diesel
Southern Pacific
No.37-1713 #7500 -1997 Release
No.37-1714 #7514 -1997 Release
No.37-1715 Unnumbered -1997 Release

SD45 Diesel
Union Pacific
No.37-1716 #3605 -1997 Release
No.37-1717 #3633 -1997 Release
No.37-1718 Unnumbered -1997 Release

SD45 Diesel
Wisconsin Central
No.37-1719 #6582 -1997 Release
No.37-1720 #6585 -1997 Release
No.37-1721 Unnumbered -1997 Release
No.37-1744 #6677 -2004 Release

SD45 Diesel
No.37-1700 -1997 Release
No.37-1740 -2004 Release

Kato introduces its EMD SD45 in 1997 with a retail price of $129.98.  Seven roadnames (ATSF, CP Rail, EL, Reading, SP, UP, and Wisconsin Central) make up the original group of Kato SD45 models.

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