All Door Box Car
Box Car -41' Steel
Box Car -51ft. Plug-Door
Box Car -Promo 51ft. Plug-Door
Box Car -Custom Series 51ft. Plug-Door
Box Car -Bicentennial 51'
Box Car -51' American Heritage Series
Caboose -Off Center Cupola
Caboose -Wide Vision
Caboose -Center Cupola
Caboose -Streamline Cupola
Coil Car
Flat Car 16-Wheels 200-Ton -48'
Flat Car with Loads -51'
Flat Car with Missile -52' Depressed Center
Flat Car with Culvert Pipes
Grain Car -51'
Hi-Cube Box Car -41ft.
Hopper -Center Flow
Hopper -42' Quad
Mechanical Reefer -41'
Mechancial Reefer -51ft.
Old-Time Wood Reefer -41ft.
85' Full Domed Passenger Car
85' Budd Amtrak Fleet Coach
Auto Transporter
85' Tri-Level Car Carrier
Stock Car
Tri-Level Poultry Car
Tank Car -42ft. Single-Dome
Tank Car -42ft. 3-Dome
Tank Car -62ft. Triple Dome
Pulpwood Car
Pickle Car
Vinegar Car
Ore Car
Old West Freight Cars

Budweiser Clydesdales (A)
Part of a unique three car collection featuring Anheuser-Busch markings from a 1985 Bachmann promo train set.

Budweiser Clydesdales (B)

Budweiser Bud Light (C)
One of the three unique Budweiser box cars included in a Bachmann 1985 promotional train set offering.

Coast To Coast
Promotional train set box car produced for Coast To Coast Stores.

This car is known to have been included in a Bachmann promotional set offered by Georgia Pacific.

Grandma's Cookies

Harris Express
This green 50ft. Harris Express plug-door was included in store exclusive train set offering.  Harris was California department store.

Kay-Bee Toys

Kay-Bee Toys (2nd Version)

Kelvinator Appliances 
Included in a steam engine powered promotional train set offering was this white modernized plug-door with blue Kelvinator lettering.

Maintstreet Express
Bachmann used this design of a white plug-door with the orange banner on a handful of promotional and store-exclusive train set offerings.



Purina Cat Chow
(No.AH 43-1010-D6)

Purina Dog Chow
(No.AH 43-1010-D7)

Petsmart Purina

A white plug-door box with Purina logos included in a Petmart Purina train set offering. 

Pine Sol
Included in promotional train set offering made by Bachmann in the 1980s.

Sherwin Williams

Smokey The Bear

Target Stores
Not known to be released as a separate rolling stock item, this white car with Target's "Expect More, Pay Less" slogan was packaged in train set offerings sold at their stores.

Target Stores
Not known to be released as a separate rolling stock item, this car was packaged in train set offerings sold at Target stores.

TG&Y Family Centers 


Zenith Chromacolor 
No. 43-1010-C8

One of seven new body styles added to the HO-scale rolling stock line by Bachmann in 1972 is the 51' Steel Plug-Door Box Car.  The car lists for $3.00 in '72 and is initially listed with six roadnames: B&M, C&O, CP Rail, IC, PC, and Santa Fe.  An N-guage Pennsy example is shown in the catalog to represent this car in 1972, though Pennsyvlania is not among the roadnames listed for the car.

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